Who's Who in Insights & Analytics 2021

Despite a vast array of methodologies and a wide variety of job titles, this elite group of more than 160 marketers shares the common goal of understanding what motivates shoppers.

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Ben Tienor, Director, Brand and Customer Insights

Abbott Laboratories
Sarah Rust
Senior Manager, Shopper Insights & Analytics
Rust is a solutions-oriented leader with more than 15 years of experience in CPG, e-commerce and retail. Known for her high energy and ability to handle ambiguity in a rapidly changing retail environment, she is energized by building infrastructure from the ground up through delivery. She has led teams to achieve material results in market, and is recognized by external customers for best-in-class research, insights strategy and activations that drive success.

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Ahold Delhaize 
Stephen Bettencourt
Lead, Consumer Insights, Peapod Digital Labs
Bettencourt and his team continue to evolve Stop & Shop as a brand by ensuring consumer insights are a key part of the decisions being made across the company. Consumer insights are important for solidifying the emotional connections and strengthening the company’s bonds with the communities it serves. Bettencourt’s favorite part of the job is the ongoing interaction with and feedback from shoppers. This collaboration is very important for Stop & Shop to anticipate and identify what consumers will need in the future, so the company can evolve with its shoppers and meet their rational and emotional needs.

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Mike Button
Manager, Consumer Insights, Peapod Digital Labs
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Jason Thomas
Manager of Shopper Insights, Retail Business Services

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Pauline Berry
Senior Director, Consumer & Shopper Insights
Berry leverages deep understanding of the customer and how shopping decisions are made to help the organization make insights-informed decisions. Specific areas of focus include insights for advertising, marketing mix, loyalty programs, health and wellness, and competitive landscape analysis.

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Deb Fifles
Vice President, Consumer & Shopper Insights
Fifles is responsible for primary research at Albertsons and leads her team in providing deep knowledge of the shopper. The team identifies strengths to leverage, gaps to narrow and opportunities to differentiate to improve the shopper experience, grow loyalty and increase ROI. She is proud of how creative and agile her small team was in delivering actionable insights across the organization throughout the disruption of the pandemic.

Flavia Nardi
Director, Consumer and Shopper Insights

American Greetings 
Todd Fraser
Director, Central Analytics, Inference & Optimization

Caty Grzymajlo, Brand Insights Director

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Bayer HealthCare 
Richard Kloenne
Senior Manager,Shopper Insights
Kloenne leads the transformation of data and shopper research into actionable insights across multiple OTC categories at key retail partners. He integrates trends and evolving shopper dynamics to understand the shopper of tomorrow. He is most proud of helping the organization understand the long-term changes in shopping behavior caused by COVID-19.

Beam Suntory
Anne Fritsche
Senior Director, Consumer and Marketplace Insights

Melissa Zweig
Shopper Insights Manager

Bigelow Tea 
Michele Penake
Category and Shopper Insights Manager

Bimbo Bakeries 
Allison Lajeunesse
Assistant Manager, Shopper Marketing

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Carl Wermers
Director of Marketing Research
Wermers had more than 20 years of brand management experience with a heavy emphasis on new product development before he moved into category management and insights. He was appointed to his new post in 2020, and now oversees all category and brand research for Bimbo Bakeries.

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The Bountiful Co. (Nature’s Bounty)
Abe Adler
Director, DTC E-Commerce & Digital Analytics
Adler leads the team that focuses on using analytics to build and nurture customer relationships. By utilizing customer segmentation and targeting, the team has have flipped the emphasis from a product-first approach to a customer-first approach. And by making data and analytics usable and understandable, the team is able to intelligently strategize across the enterprise.

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Chuck Meyer-Hanover
Director, Shopper & Category Insights
Meyer-Hanover’s experience in both consumer and shopper insights gives him a better understanding of the needs of his internal and external clients. Having spent many years working in insights for OTC brands that consumers needed to take in response to a health issues (coughs, headaches, heartburn) he says it’s rewarding to now be on the wellness side with vitamins, minerals and supplements.

Robert Schwartz, Senior Director, Portfolio Management

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Lori Oles
Shopper Insights Team Leader
Oles leads the insights function for on- and off-premise. Her team is focused on the development and delivery of insights to drive category and brand growth.

Sarah Smith
Shopper Insights Lead

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Bush Brothers 
Tim Wilson
Category Manager and Sales Data Expert
Wilson has spent his career in sales and category management in the CPG industry. He started at Nabisco and has had roles ranging from regional account sales to national account management, regional planner and category manager. Wilson currently manages all sales data sources for the company. He is proud of the fact that category management now has a level of engagement, respect and appreciation that is both greater and more broadly felt than ever before.

Campbell Soup 
Lindsay Fankhauser
Marketing, Retail Strategy & Insights – Snacks Portfolio

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Maria Macuare
Vice President, Data & Analytics
Macuare has more than 20 years of experience in the analytics field. She began her career with P&G in 1999, and had a number of international assignments including in Venezuela, Japan, China, Panama and the U.S. She joined Campbell Soup in 2018. Macuare has an extensive skill set in the field, including analytical strategy and vision, predictive analytics, optimization, visualizations and storytelling.

Karen Chen
Director, Human Insights – Corporate Sustainability & Macro Trends, Center of Excellence

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Brian Hoffstedder
Director, Human Insights – Shopping Experience & Category Leadership Hoffstedder is a 20-year veteran of the CPG industry. His thinking and work in human insights and the shopper journey have influenced some of the world’s best-known retailers. He is a member of Clorox’s global sales leadership team and is responsible for the company’s shopper insights and category leadership capability efforts.

Caroline Klompmaker
Director of Global Insights, Clorox-NutraNext Division

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Phil Lardner
Global Strategic Pricing/Revenue Management
Lardner is charged with driving revenue growth management – a group he started up and continues to lead. He considers the equation for revenue growth to be the intersection of consumers’ willing-ness to pay and the benefits that Clorox brands deliver.

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Amy Stevens
Associate Director, Insights
Stevens leads the category vision work on the company’s cleaning and laundry business. The most enjoyable part of the job for her is the ability to build experiences based on key human needs that drive trips and loyalty.

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Church & Dwight 
Angeli Samide
Senior Manager, National Category & Shopper Insights
Samide leads a team of insights managers across the company’s full portfolio encompassing fabric care, home care, beauty, health and well being and personal care, as well as all channels including e-commerce. The team is responsible for defining category and shopper fundamentals, developing category leadership stories, and communicating actionable insights to internal and retail partners to drive company and category growth.

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The Coca-Cola Co.
Julia Abram
Director, North America – Human, Category & Analytic Insights
Abram leads a team focused on amplifying the voice of the consumer across Coca-Cola’s hydration, tea and coffee organizations. She inspires curiosity, collaboration and a growth mindset. As a thought leader, she links insights from North America to insight leaders across the globe.

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Liz Banda
Manager, Brand/Category Insights, Nutrition
Banda is supporting nutrition categories in better understanding consumers, executing quantitative and qualitative research, and identifying insights and opportunities to improve branding, marketing, innovation and in-market performance.

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Christopher Bennington
Manager, Space Strategy Solutions
Bennington is a data, process and technology leader with 16 years of experience in the CPG industry. He is responsible for the development and support of Coca-Cola’s category space framework.

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Donna Blizzard
Senior Manager, Category Leadership
Blizzard has more than 20 years in the CPG industry. She started in retail sales and quickly moved to account sales and regional planning at Kraft. Her enthusiasm for category leadership grew at Acosta and then Coca-Cola. Blizzard’s achievements include piloting Coca-Cola’s collaborative business planning process and tool development. She thrives on learning, having recently become a certified specialist in predictive analytics, and has a passion for helping others.

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Justin Carbonella
Human Insights Director: Nutrition, Emerging & Trends
Carbonella brings 13 years of experience to Coca-Cola. Prior to joining Coke in 2020, he worked in global insights at AB InBev, managing the global brand tracking program along with digital and media research. Carbonella spent the first 10 years of his career at Kantar.

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Tiffany Chan
Senior Manager, Brand/Category Insights
Chan leads strategic consulting, marketing research, and consumer and marketplace analytics for the hydration and sports categories. She brought nearly 15 years of experience from Land O’Lakes, Schwan Food Co., and a boutique agency when she joined the company in 2019, and previously led insights for tea and coffee. Chan believes infusing the voice of consumers is fundamental to marketing.

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Carlos Herrera
Chief Economist, Coca-Cola North America
The main thrust of Herrera’s work is to increase the visibility of “what’s to come” through a deeper understanding of the foodservice industry from an economic perspective. Herrera regularly shares his insights with executive leadership, boards of directors, and franchisees of leading foodservice companies around the world.

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Kristi Kolek
Senior Manager, Brand/Category Insights
In her role, Kolek supports the nutrition category as well as emerging categories and trends at the company. She previously spent 18 years in the oil and gas/automotive industry with companies like Shell and The NPD Group helping brands incorporate consumer insights into their organizations and drive data-based decision-making.


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Beth Mannarino

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Angela Anthony

Senior Managers, Category Insights
Mannarino and Anthony deliver business-driving category insights and analytics as one of the industry’s only job-share partnerships. Enabled by a strong sense of teamwork and collaboration, they are responsible for seamlessly supporting Coca-Cola’s chilled and dairy portfolio at Kroger.

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Leanne Moring
Manager, Category Leadership – Central/West Zones
Moring is responsible for stewarding objective, actionable insights that help build category strategies and drive growth. She has worked with customers in grocery, mass, natural, and e-commerce channels over her nine years at Coca-Cola. A career highlight in 2020 was a stretch assignment assisting the e-commerce team with category insights and analytics during the COVID-19 surge.

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Chadd Murphy
Senior Manager, Category Leadership, Coca-Cola Sam’s Club Customer Team
Murphy has more than a decade of experience in finance and category management, bringing innovative solutions and tools to his customers. He enjoys uncovering trends and delivering actionable insights through analytics, as well as building long-term partnerships that lead to strong sustained business growth.

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Levar Parkinson
Human Insights Manager
Parkinson manages insights and analytics for the sparkling business, ensuring that all marketing decisions are truly consumer-centric. His work leverages primary and secondary research to empower Coke brands with the human truth. Some key accomplishments include impactful influences on the company’s approach to brand architecture and flavor innovation strategy.

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Penny Seckler
Senior Category Leadership
With more than 20 years at Coca-Cola, Seckler has a progressive track record of success with her retailers. She has been a strategic thought leader, contributing to cross-functional teams by delivering engaging presentations to a diverse audience. With an uncompromising commitment to the business, she translates consumer insights into actionable recommendations that drive category growth. She has led several center store projects that expanded space across beverages categories.

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Debby Smith
Senior Manager, Category Leadership
Smith is responsible for demonstrating superior thought leadership, along with providing leading-edge analytics and insights to help 7-Eleven and Coca-Cola win in the North American marketplace. Smith strives to be her customer’s most valued business partner by taking an objective approach to the business.

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Cherie Leonard
Associate Director, Foresight and Sustainability Insights, North America
Leonard seeks out emerging data sources to gain a deeper understanding of target audiences to identify innovation, communication and brand activation ideas. She’s a champion for sustainability, keeping teams up to date on cultural and category trends and embedding a sustainable mindset throughout the organization. Leonard likes to find weak signals and fringe behaviors that cue cultural shifts in values and behaviors. Then she connects the dots to uncover foresight and offer tangible business opportunities.

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Kalindi Mehta
Head of Insights and Analytics, North America  
Mehta’s team is focused on building deep empathy with consumers and helping translate that human empathy and cultural understanding into business plans, brand strategies and innovation. She is driving new and different capabilities in foresight and predictive analytics. Mehta also leverages advanced AI-driven social listening and segmentation, and saw an accelerated digital transformation of insights in the last year. It marks the beginning of the insights organization bringing data, technology and insights together to build powerful, future-forward narratives to identify growth opportunities.

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Elise Osenbaugh
Retail Category Development Manager
Osenbaugh is responsible for developing a strategic partnership with Target by using data-driven analysis to provide actionable insights toward category growth and retailer market share. She works closely with cross-functional teams across Colgate in North America to identify internal strategies that drive growth for the company and the category.

Marilyn Rice, Shopper Insights Lead

Conagra Brands 
Brian Archey
Senior Director, Data Science & Analytics

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Constellation Brands 
Christine Mahaffy
Manager, Shopper Insights
Mahaffy has 20 years of experience transforming insights for wine and spirits through consumer and shopper research while leading the advancement of the field through the growing sophistication of retailer loyalty tools. She has been proud to be able to use the company’s most robust capabilities and vendor partners to catch the evolutionary wave of changing shopping behaviors during the pandemic by understanding omnichannel transformation and consumer adaptability.

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Vanessa Roddam
Director, Shopper Insights & Analytics
Roddam has spent more than 10 years in CPG leading shopper and retailer insights, brand and innovation research, exploratory methods, consumer research for global brand development, conjoint analysis, and pricing and promotion models. Her work has informed market development as well as brand and retailer strategies within large food and adult beverage companies. She is passionate about in-context research that fosters empathy for the consumer and reveals the “why” behind the “what” to deliver highly actionable insights.

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Katie Survance
Senior Director, Emerging Opportunities & Innovation Insights
Survance and her team are consumer-obsessed and future-focused with a vision to be the catalysts of change to create exceptional experiences. She is a passionate storyteller who’s always asking, “What if?” and prides herself on turning insights into action through ideation, innovation and asking many tough questions to meet consumers’ future needs.

CVS Health 
Bob Darin
Senior Vice President, Chief Data Officer and Chief Analytics Officer, CVS Pharmacy

Patrick Lao
Senior Manager, Enterprise Insights

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Del Monte Foods 
Diana Gorshe
Senior Director of Category Insights
Gorshe focuses on retailer engagements to discover how shopper trends impact categories. She works with retailers to influence the way they market and merchandise Del Monte’s products to shoppers. Gorshe has spent her career in sales, retail buying, marketing and category management in managerial and executive roles with Procter & Gamble, Ralphs (now part of Kroger), Kraft, PepsiCo, Acosta and Dean Foods. She specializes in creating partner- ships that deliver mutually beneficial business growth. Gorshe was recognized as a “Woman of Influence” in the food industry in 2018 and also is active in the Network of Executive Women, an organization for which her husband is a founder.

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Dawn Thomas
Senior Director of Insights
Thomas’ first job at IRI launched a career in insights that has included positions with Clorox, Pillsbury and Del Monte. A brief but energizing 2009 dot-com adventure solidified an enduring commitment to embracing new learning opportunities and an appreciation for pragmatism. She passionate believes that the insights profession, done well, offers unlimited opportunities for strategic thinking, problem-solving and creativity.

Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits 
Lindsay Smallwood
Senior Manager, Business Intelligence

Lou Fernous
Category Insights Manager

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E. & J. Gallo 
Jayce Treible
Senior Manager, Brand Insights & Strategy
Treible has been involved in insights his entire career, working first in small research houses and then crossing over to the client side by joining Albertsons/Safeway. There, he focused on consumer insights for digital product, e-commerce and the own brands portfolio. He joined E. & J. Gallo in 2020 and now focuses on brand strategy and insights for the premium/luxury wine portfolio.

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Edgewell Personal Care 
Adam Dinihanian
Senior Manager, Category Development
Dinihanian has been with Edgewell for more than nine years. He has held a number of positions, including category and shopper insights, strategy and field category development. He has worked across various channels including drug, grocery and club.

Jennifer Grant
Senior Category Development Manager, Feminine Care – Grocery West, Value & Club

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Jennifer Campbell
Senior Category Development Manager, Feminine Care SBU Category Team Lead – Total U.S.
Campbell has more than 25 years of experience in the CPG and apparel industries. Her work has focused on advanced analytics, sales, category management, shopper marketing, and qualitative and quantitative consumer and shopper research.

Matt Hiller
Senior Category Development Manager, Grocery, Value and Club

Dave Hyland
Senior Director, Global Consumer Insights

Brett Kroeze
Senior Category Development Manager, Drug Channel

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Linda Lieberman
Director, Category Development & Strategy
Lieberman leads a team of dynamic category development professionals who focus on wet shave, feminine care and sun/skin care. The team partners to drive win-win-win solutions for shoppers, retailers and the company by bringing actionable solutions that can be executed in-market. She is most proud of delivering actionable omnichannel insights across all of Edgewell’s lines of businesses that have delivered growth for both retail partners and the company.

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Wendy Lo
Senior Category Strategy Manager, Sun & Hygiene
Lo leads category and shopper-focused business analysis and strategy development for the sun care and hygiene categories. She applies and integrates insights to deepen the company’s understanding of the shopper and category through various analytical and insights tools in addition to custom research.

Andrea Reisinger
Senior Category Development Manager, Walmart

Tara Sunderland
Senior Global Consumer Insights Manager – Sun Care

Kelly Van Roy
Senior Category Development Manager – Sun Care

Dave Wilcox
Senior Category Development Manager, Target

Melissa Zagozan
Senior Manager, Category Strategy, Wet Shave & Men’s Grooming

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Ferrero USA 
Phil DeConto
Vice President, Category Management & Shopper Insights
DeConto has spent more than 20 years in the CPG industry, including time with Frito-Lay, Conagra and Ferrero USA. His experience includes sales, sales operations, category management and trade marketing.

FIFCO USA (North American Breweries)
Mary Jo Hardy
Associate Vice President, Marketing & Commercial Strategy

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GE Lighting 
Stacey Riecks
Market Intelligence Leader
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General Mills
Sara Ashman
Global Consumer Insights Senior Manager

John Pfalzgraf
Director, Consumer Knowledge

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GSK Consumer Healthcare 
U.S. Shopper Insights Team
Litthya Burgin
Shopper Insights Manager, Upper Respiratory
Burgin is an insights and strategy professional with more than 20 years of CPG, OTC and pharmaceutical experience in various marketing, sales and analytics roles in companies like Unilever, RB, PepsiCo, Mondelez and Merck. She has a category-growth mindset, an action bias, and a fascination for being the voice of the consumer/shopper and seeing insights brought to life through activations at key customers. She joined GSK in 2018 and has been paving the way for category growth through award-winning leadership platforms and driving understanding of above-category shopper behavior.

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Carly Dominik
Shopper Insights Manager, Pain Relief
Dominik brought more than 10 years of consumer research experience across multiple industries to the shopper insights team when she joined GSK in 2019. She has developed her first category leadership platform, which identifies key strategies to drive holistic pain management and enhance shopper engagement.

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Kimberly Hunter
Shopper Insights Manager, Oral Health
Hunter has been able to leverage her more than 10 years of CPG industry experience in category development, customer strategy and sales to bring a unique lens to her current role. She has primarily supported the oral health category since joining in 2017, leading custom research projects and development of the denture category leadership platform. She recently has expanded focus to include all things e-commerce and digital.

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Steve Lord
Shopper Insights Manager, Smokers’ Health and Digestive Health
Lord’s 20-plus years of CPG industry experience includes work in shopper insights, customer strategy, category development and sales. He joined the company in 2015 and has been primarily supporting the smokers’ health business. Lord has conducted several research studies on the smoker’s “quit journey” and e-commerce behaviors. He also published category leadership platforms on smoking cessation, allergy, and digestive health and wellness that are transforming retailer activation.

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Deb Monahan
Director, Shopper Insights & Capabilities
Monahan has been studying consumer and shopper behavior in the U.S. and across global markets for more than 20 years, and she currently leads the U.S. shopper insights team. She joined GSK in 2015 and has built a top-performing team and driven organizational capability, helping GSK to become known as an industry leader in delivering thought-provoking insights and clear activation strategies that result in category growth for its retailer partners.

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Mike Pishvanov
Shopper Insights Manager, Vitamins & Supplements
Pishvanov has more than 20 years of CPG experience and 15-plus years working in pharmaceuticals/OTC. He has a background in shopper insights, market research, category development and customer strategy, and joined the company in 2019 following the joint venture with Pfizer. Pishvanov has conducted research studies across various businesses, leading to retail activation in the areas of category leadership stories, aisle reinvention, e-commerce and digital optimization, product innovation, health and wellness redesign, and shelf and assortment optimization.

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Consumer Business Insights & Analytics Team
Sapan Amin
Director, Performance Management – Americas
Amin is the company’s business insights and analytics leader, with 20 years of experience in the CPG industry. He has a passion for providing insights to help grow sales, increase ROI, develop product innovation and drive brand strategies. His industry experience spans both the consumer healthcare and food and beverage industries.

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Colleen Bahr
Manager, Consumer Insights U.S. – Smokers’ Health
Bahr joined GSK in 2019, bringing more than 20 years of consumer, business and shopper insights experience to the role, as well as advanced analytics expertise. She previously led consumer insights for Pfizer Consumer Healthcare’s U.S. dietary supplements category, where she won several industry awards for repositioning work that drove significant growth for Emergen-C.

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Eva Dapon
Manager, Consumer Insights U.S. – Dietary Supplements
Dapon has extensive consumer insights and brand management experience in consumer healthcare, CPG and pharmaceutical gained from both the client and supplier sides of the business. She has been with GSK Consumer Health for the past eight years in various consumer insights roles. Dapon has worked for Kimberly-Clark, Nielsen and Six Degrees LLC. Highly regarded as a trusted, collaborative and results-oriented business partner, she enjoys leveraging the voice of consumers to influence key stakeholders.

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Danny Gardner
Social Intelligence Analyst – U.S. Digital Analytics
Gardner oversees GSK’s in-house social intelligence capability. He is responsible for uncovering social media insights at scale for the company’s 20-plus U.S. consumer healthcare brands, leveraging expertise in analytics, social networks and data storytelling. He is an active member of the social media community and has more than five years of social intelligence experience across a variety of Rx and OTC categories.

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Krista Kempski
Director, U.S. Consumer Insights – Pain Relief, Digestive Health & Switch
Over the past 18 years at GSK, Pfizer and Wyeth, Kempski has held numerous leadership roles in consumer insights, business analytics and category management. Prior to these roles in consumer healthcare, she worked in new business development and client insights at Nielsen.

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Tina Tonielli
Lead, Consumer Business Insights and Analytics – Americas
Tonielli leads the team tasked with uncovering insights and leveraging analytics to help optimize GSK’s competitive position in the Americas region. Her prior role was global consumer experience lead for Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, where she led insights and analytics as well as the stewardship of the global design team. Before joining Pfizer, she had an extensive career at Johnson & Johnson, where for more than 20 years she held a variety of leadership roles in marketing, insights and analytics.

Henkel North America 
Deep Bhandari
Vice President, Consumer Insights & Strategy, North America

Jennifer Fowler
Director, Shopper Solutions

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Mack Hoopes
Senior Manager, Category Development
Hoopes leads category management and development at Albertsons for Henkel. He is driven by using the retailer’s loyalty data to uncover new shopper insights.

Tony Mardegain
Director, Retail Snacking Experience Team

David Nolen
Vice President of Category Management and Shopper Insights

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Gina Peterson
Senior Manager, Retail Experience
Peterson is responsible for leading a team that creates partnerships with retailers to drive strategic growth recommendations, optimizing the path from insight to activation. Her experience also includes category management, shopper insights and retail sales management.

Hormel Foods
Heather Vossler
Director of Innovation & Insights

J.M. Smucker
Patricia Belczynski
Senior Manager, Insights/Marketing Optimization Lead

Valli Ellis
Director, Insights

Jane McClellan
Senior Manager, Shopper Insights

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Johnson & Johnson 
Troy Ault
U.S. Lead, Category & Shopper Intelligence
Ault leads strategic direction for shopper insights and category management across the internal business units and customer teams. He is passionate about evolving data into insights and making insights actionable with retailers. He also is curating category solutions that drive a fluid omnichannel shopping experience.

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Linda Devroy
Shopper Insights Manager – Target Team
Devroy is the shopper insight and reporting manager for the Target team. She works across J&J businesses to ensure that the team has data and insights to keep the needs of Target guests as a central focus for initiatives.

Jennifer Ferrazza
Director, Shopper Insights and Category Design – Skin Health

Suzanne Hock
Customer Marketing Manager

Deborah Wearn
Senior Manager, Skin Health HCP Sales Strategy

Johnsonville Sausage
Dan Baltus
Customer Insights Manager

Joe Bourland
Director, Strategic Insights & Analytics

Julia Oswald
Vice President, Global Decision Science and Analytics

Terah Putman
Director, Next Generation Insights

Joy Jentes
Senior Leader, Field Shopper Insights

Michelle Mack
Family Care Lead, Shopper Insights

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Regina Mayzum,
Senior Shopper Insights Manager
With 20 years of research experience, Mayzum leads insights and strategic development, driving shopper understanding into activation at grocery retailers across all K-C categories. She recently ran an e-commerce segmentation study to understand how shoppers plan to use digital fulfillment methods for grocery and household needs moving forward.

Amy Pacifico
Lead, Consumer Insights & Analytics, North America Baby & Childcare

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Laura Plaukovich
Senior Manager, Shopper Insights, Walmart & Sam’s Club
Plaukovich is a passionate researcher with more than 18 years of experience in both the CPG and financial services industries. Focusing on understanding shopper behavior, her natural curiosity leads her to innovative methodologies to better dissect the subconscious decisions many shoppers make. This past year, she led research to better understand how shoppers make tradeoffs between in-store and digital fulfillment methods, and how those tradeoffs can influence retailer selection.

Nicole Thayer, Senior Shopper Insights Manager

LG Electronics 
Doug Loretucci, Senior Director, Consumer Insights

Mars Inc.  
Ellen Gooden, Senior Manager, Category & Shopper Insights

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AiCi Li
Director, Shopper and Retail Lab
Li leads Mars Inc.’s Shopper and Retail Lab, which is focused on innovation and invention to improve business decisions and actions, and bring simplicity and joy to the art of shopping. With more than 15 years of marketing experience, Li is devoted to consumer engagement and new technologies in all parts of the business and looks to build community and apply levity to her team, company and the marketing industry at large.

Ujjwal Sehgal
Computational Science & Advance Analytics Leader

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Amelia Strobel
Global Strategic Insights & Innovation Leader
Strobel is responsible for driving consumer insights and market strategy for the company’s global portfolio of key dog brands. This primarily includes portfolio strategy, global communication and global innovation. She joined Mars seven years ago to lead its global Specialty Pet Nutrition Consumer and Market Insights organization based in the U.S. Since that time, she has led the global Innovation Center of Expertise, and she currently manages global insights and strategy for the largest dog brands.

Mars Wrigley Confectionery 
Kate Hopkins
Senior Manager, Customer & Shopper Insights

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Nic Umana
Global Agile Innovation Human Intelligence Leader
Umana is an expert at bringing structure, divergent thinking and convergent action to the ever-changing retail landscape. She is an innovative and passionate leader who focuses her time on using human insights to connect the dots and experiment on solutions fit for the future. Her strengths include curiosity, collaboration and commitment to the connection of people and ideas. She is most proud of last year’s launch of the company’s future innovation territories to help her team focus its efforts and synergize its learnings.

a woman wearing a pink shirt

Carol Van Den Hende
Digital Acceleration Leader
Van Den Hende is an innovative marketing and strategy executive as well as a speaker, climate reality leader, nonprofit board member and award-winning author. She is proud to work for a purpose-led organization that creates positive societal impact. She has helped Mars drive speed and agility through digital transformation and sustainability for the future.

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Massimo Zanetti 
Susan Lambert
Director of Shopper Marketing and Customer Insights
Lambert oversees shopper marketing strategy and execution for all of the organization’s customers, brands and private brands. She also oversees consumption analytics and market research.

Meredith Jang
Senior Director, Global Insights & Analytics
Jang translates research, data and analytics into actionable insights to fuel strategies, mitigate risks and execute new business opportunities for Mattel’s portfolio of brands.

McCormick and Co. 
Lydia Poole
Senior Manager, Consumer & Market Insights

Jeff Nault
Director, Merchandising and Marketing Analytics Center of Excellence

Nancy Kunz-Merry
Vice President, Innovation & Retail Analytics

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Mission Foods 
Steve Klingele
Director, Insights & Analytics
Klingele leads the team responsible for infusing consumer perspectives into the organization’s planning. This includes consumer and innovation research, as well as market and digital analytics, for all retail brands and categories.  

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Moet Hennessy USA 
Stuart Barker
Director, Category Leadership & Shopper Insights – Business Intelligence Group A front-line commercial sales solutions and advanced analytics specialist, Barker is focused on the development and integration of consumer- and shopper-centric, value-building strategies and tactics.

Alexandrea Davis
Senior Manager, Marketing Insights

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Mondelez International 
Robin Alex
Group Head of Commercial Insights & Strategy
Alex enjoys transforming insights functions to be externally focused, consumer- and shopper-driven, and empathetic to retailers’ growth aspirations. He has a background in engineering and marketing research, coupled with CPG experience from Tyson, Hershey and Newell.

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Nick Graham
Global Head of Insights & Analytics
Graham started his career with The Interpublic Group before moving into brand and innovation consulting with Big Green Door and Clear M&C Saatchi. In 2013, he joined PepsiCo, where he led insights for the global beverages category before moving to lead insights and analytics for the U.S. business unit. He assumed his current post at Mondelez earlier this year.

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Evan Shaver
VP of Revenue Growth Management
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Pernod Ricard USA
Scot Henderson
Director, Customer/Shopper Insights & Commercial Projects

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Philips Consumer Lifestyle
Dale Gatling
Senior Manager, Shopper Insights
During his seven-year tenure, Gatling has partnered with category management, marketing and field-based teams to capture specific retailer/category insights and develop compelling shopper-based strategies. In partnership with one of the company’s key retailers, he recently conducted a study that used a unique blend of digital ethnographic methods and social listening to educate the retail partner on diverse haircare needs in the Black community.

Dave Harvey
Director of Category Management & Consumer Insights

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Post Consumer Brands 
Keith Albright
Associate Director, Insights & Analytics
Albright leads consumer and shopper insights and analytics for the adult/all family business unit, which includes brands such as Honey Bunches of Oats, Great Grains, Grape Nuts and more.

Anna Alderink
Senior Manager, Consumer Insights

Prestige Brands 
Rich Holzkopf
Director of Sales

Brian Mendel
Senior Director of Customer Development and E-Commerce Sales

Rocco Racamato
Director, Customer Development and Category Management

Kyle Reynolds
Category Business Manager

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Procter & Gamble
Lori Aulfinger
Brand Services Leader
Aulfinger delivers media analytics, brand asset management optimization and consumer listening solutions and services to brand leaders.

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Stephen Buchanan
Global Analytics & Insights Leader, P&G Professional
Buchanan discovers and applies breakthrough insights to fuel profitable top-line growth and more end users, leading opportunity identification for $1 billion-plus in global business.

Kirk Walda
Director, Category Management – Grooming

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Promotion In Motion 
Peri Mendelson
Director, Insights & Analytics
Mendelson directs a high-performing strategy team that helps the organization and its customers identify opportunities through consumer and shopper insights, category management and analytics, bringing insights-driven thought leadership to the forefront.

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Yelena Idelchik
Shopper Insights Director
Idelchik leads the company’s hygiene shopper insights and category management teams.  

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Rachel Straight
Shopper Insights Manager
Straight is motivated by seeing the research and insights that she’s led come to life with the company’s retail partners.

Reynolds Consumer Products 
Nancy Bedwell
Senior Vice President, Category Management

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Rite Aid
Rob George
Director of Market Research
George analyzes both current and potential customers to determine the best locations for the company’s pharmacies. His team also uses customer behavioral data to determine the best use of its space for the customers who live near the location.

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Samsung Electronics
Kyle Rhodes
Director, Mobile Shopper Insights
Rhodes oversees a team focused on understanding how consumers shop and why they buy smartphones, smartwatches and mobile accessories. The team follows shoppers throughout the purchase journey, studying interactions with key touchpoints.

Sanofi Consumer Health 
Frank Fay
Senior Manager, Shopper Insights

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Cara Kahaly
Shopper Insights Lead – Rx to OTC Switch
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SC Johnson & Son 
Sarah Daniels
Global Consumer Insights Manager – Pest Control

Lisa Panchal
Director, Category & Shopper Leadership – Center of Excellence & Shopper Insights

Scotts Miracle-Gro 
Sarah Bader
Director of Insights and Analytics

Tariq Mahmood
Director of Shared Services, Insights & Acquisitions Integration


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Anne Villarreal
Shopper Marketing and E-Commerce Manager
Rounding out five years with Scotts Miracle-Gro, Villarreal is a strategic, award-winning and results-driven business leader with more than 20 years of progressive experience in shopper marketing and commerce strategy. She is most proud of seeing her team using data and insights to correctly predict shopper behavior and deliver higher-than-average results.

Spin Master 
Rhona Bergin
Global Consumer Insights Specialist

Michelle Prowse
Head of Insights and Consumer Trends

Meghan Burke
Associate Category Manager

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Amy Dusling
Senior Manager, Category Strategy, Lactalis U.S. Yogurt
Dusling is responsible for managing the company’s analytical toolbox and is a key contributor to its selling stories and go-to-market strategy. She works closely with both the sales and marketing teams to ensure they are leveraging all of the company’s tools to understand the consumer, the category and the competitive landscape.

Melissa Martin
Associate Manager, Category Strategy

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Tyson Foods 
Eric Bartling,
Senior Manager, Shopper Insights
Bartling’s current role focuses on creating and translating research to inform category and department growth strategies that Tyson shares with its key customers across refrigerated packaged meats, fresh meats and alternative proteins.