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Cooler Screens' New Ad Format Leverages Key Calendar Moments

The Microsoft and Verizon-funded digital merchandising platform helps CPGs target shoppers with in-store ads based on pre-planned holidays and real-time events.
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In-store digital merchandising platform Cooler Screens has introduced a new ad format, dubbed “Own the Moment,” to help CPG brands capture consumer attention and drive engagement at critical times throughout the year (e.g., holidays, entertainment/sporting events and other seasonal occasions). 

“With our new Own the Moment campaign, we are providing CPG brands the ability to capture the hearts and minds of consumers during the most pivotal moments of the year,” Arsen Avakian, founder and CEO of Cooler Screens, said in a media release.

Cooler Screens says Own the Moment combines components from traditional homepage-takeover ads with its network of in-store digital screens, which expanded beyond cooler aisle refrigerator doors this year.

Participating CPG brands can take over Cooler Screens' entire in-store audience network, which spans 10,000 screens nationwide at retailers such as Kroger and Walgreens, during pre-scheduled events or real-time events to deliver “high-resolution, contextually targeted” video ads in stores, according to the release.

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“Most of our advertising partners are currently focused on pre-set calendar moments. However, it is possible to leverage Own the Moment to target in near real-time based on events like game-winning plays or other major events down to a local level since we can target down to specific stores with local DMAs [designated market areas],” Lindell Bennett, Cooler Screen’s chief revenue officer, recently told Street Fight magazine. “We are also working to enable even more sophisticated levels of programmatic targeting integration and data analysis to make fully real-time decisions as we continue to advance our technology.”

Additionally, CPGs can track and measure the performance of their Own the Moment campaigns and leverage insights including sales lift, brand equity and real-time shopper behaviors to optimize campaigns and ROI.

Kraft Heinz, an initial tester of the format, executed two Own the Moment campaigns and saw a 3-point to 6-point percentage incremental sales lift across its brand portfolios, according to the release.

Cooler Screens’ new format became widely available to all CPG advertisers last month during March Madness. The Microsoft and Verizon-funded company said it saw a demand surge in March in conjunction with the NCAA's basketball tournaments. For example, PepsiCo’s Gatorade ran in-store retail media campaigns for its new energy drink, Fast Twitch, across the Cooler Screens network. 

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