CB2 Applies Social Content to CTV Ad Creative

The home goods retailer is piloting a solution from Spaceback that generates connected TV-compliant, programmatic creative from its highest performing social media content.
Jacqueline Barba
Digital Editor
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Home design and furniture retailer CB2 recently tapped a new connected TV solution from Spaceback, a creative automation platform that connects the power of social media content to digital advertising inventory across the open web, to help it promote a new fall collection using its own social video content. 

CB2 leveraged Spaceback's new AI-powered solution, Social CTV, which automatically generates CTV-compliant creative from brands’ highest performing social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, X (Twitter) and Pinterest, and makes them ready for programmatic distribution across CTV.

Spaceback says it created the solution to help advertisers avoid creative fatigue and high production costs when running CTV campaigns, per a media release.

Social CTV ads retain the look and feel of the original social media post while maintaining regularly updated social metadata (e.g., likes, comments and view counts) to demonstrate how people are engaging with the content on social. Additionally, the creatives can be shoppable with the inclusion of QR codes. The solution offers light and dark modes and automated end cards that support any video duration and automated trafficking. Due to the agnostic nature of Spaceback’s platform, Social CTV ads can run on any streaming platform, such as Roku and Hulu.

In addition, there are no production costs associated with the Social CTV offering. Instead, it operates on a CPM-based (cost per mile) pricing model, allowing marketers to refresh CTV creative often, run multiple messages simultaneously and leverage viral posts related to trending cultural moments. 

“Brands have a carefully curated catalog of social content that is far superior to traditional ads in building relationships and driving long-term results,” Casey Saran, CEO and co-founder of Spaceback, said in the release. “As marketers double down on their efforts to engage with Gen Z, the combined firepower of social content and shoppable TV will play an important role in fostering authentic connections with not only the up-and-coming generation, but with all consumers, and will shape the TV watching experience for years to come.”

CB2’s Social CTV Efforts

When CB2 launched its fall collection this year, the retailer decided the best way to showcase the items was through social video content, according to a case study on Spaceback’s website. CB2 wanted to reach audiences at their homes through the largest screen in the house, while at the same time avoiding establishing a negative perception of its brand due to “ad frequency and creative wear out.”


Spaceback’s Social CTV enabled CB2 to leverage its social video content promoting the fall collection by producing authentic recreations of the content in Spaceback’s platform, per the case study. CB2 extended its Facebook video ads across premium streaming apps on CTV the same day the campaign launched on Facebook. As a result, CB2 served its audience several Facebook video social experiences on the TV screen and says it was able to reach more audiences in a timely manner.