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Retail Radar: Amazon, Walmart Add to In-App Shopping Experiences

Recent retail news includes Walmart and Circle K revealing 2024 expansion plans.
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Circle K grows

Path to Purchase Institute members have access to regularly updated retailer profiles, which can be accessed here. Recent news includes Sobeys' Cookin collaboration, and Petco expanding its Reddy private label. 

Sobeys Collaborates 

The Canadian grocer is teaming with Cookin to position Sobeys as a shopping spot for the app's network of home chefs. 

Walmart's Vision Plan

The retailer is adding a new feature to its app and website: People shopping for eyewear will be able to "try on" frames with an assist from augmented reality. Walmart also intends to keep updating its stores, with plans to renovate hundreds of locations in 2024 — as well as build a handful from the ground up — across the U.S. and in Puerto Rico. 

Amazon Consult-a-Friend

After a trial period, the e-tailer has greenlit an in-app feature that allows customers in more than 15 countries to share products they're eyeing with friends and family and get feedback. 

Circle K Expands

The convenience store chain revealed plans to open 75 locations in Wisconsin within the next three years.

Petco's Reddy Kitchen

With pet nutrition evolving beyond the bag and can, the retailer is adding on to its Reddy brand, with products designed to prepare, feed and store pet food.

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