Lancome Leverages Influencers for DOOH Campaign

L’Oreal’s luxury beauty brand tied in to National Lash Day on Feb. 19 with a campaign featuring TikTok videos on digital screens inside Canadian malls.
Jacqueline Barba
Digital Editor
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L’Oreal luxury beauty brand Lancome tied in to National Lash Day (Feb. 19 in the U.S.) with a digital-out-of-home (DOOH) campaign at malls in Canada. 

Lancome partnered with Toronto-based Dive Billboards on the innovative activation, which included a TikTok integration that featured influencer content and celebrated “the beauty of lashes” within a retail setting, according to a media release from Dive Billboards.

The partners activated the ad campaign across Dive’s digital screens inside Toronto Eaton Center and Yorkdale Shopping Center to catch shoppers in their “natural habitat.” 

The ad creative featured paid content from @Jooshica and Anjana Dhiman (@anjanad15), two prominent TikTok creators known for their beauty and lifestyle videos. 

“The convergence of shopping trends and TikTok culture serves as the foundation of the campaign's strategy, amplifying the reach of Lancome's message and products,” Dive said in the release.

In addition to the influencer videos, the DOOH screens also promoted an exclusive 50% discount on mascara via a QR code embedded within the campaign's creative.

The campaign was made possible through TikTok’s “Out of Phone” ad solution, which launched in 2023 and extends advertising reach to billboards, cinemas and other physical touchpoints with tailored programs designed for audiences in specific locations.

"TikTok’s Out of Phone [solution] takes brands beyond the mobile screen by seamlessly integrating creator content into our digital-out-of-home displays,” Deborah Hall, CEO and co-founder, Dive Billboards, said in the release. “Shopping and TikTok go hand in hand, and we're creating a truly engaging experience for shoppers, capturing attention at eye level and utilizing strategic placement to drive foot traffic to retail locations."

"We're thrilled to partner with Dive Billboards to bring our National Lash Day celebration to life in such a unique and innovative way," Ilhem Kerkadi, brand engagement manager, Lancome Canada, added. "TikTok is such a prominent platform for beauty, that this collaboration not only drives brand presence within retail but demonstrates our commitment to being a part of platforms and trends."