Instacart Ads Integration to Enhance Video Campaigns

Mars Inc. will be one of the first to activate Instacart’s retail media data with PubMatic via "deal ID" for CTV and video campaigns.
Jacqueline Barba
Digital Editor
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Independent ad technology company PubMatic has partnered with Instacart to leverage the delivery company’s first-party retail media data in a programmatic advertising solution via PubMatic's unified self-service ad platform, Convert

“Advertisers today are grappling with signal loss and looking for new ways to effectively target and measure their campaigns,” Tim Castelli, vice president of global advertising sales at Instacart, said in the statement. “Brands realize that Instacart’s retail media data is a valuable, performant solution. CPGs can reach consumers directly at the point of purchase with Instacart Ads on our platform with trusted closed-loop measurement, in addition to leveraging our rich, first-party retail media data off-platform to power and enhance all of their other ad buys, like CTV and premium video.”

What is a Deal ID?

A deal ID (or deal identifier) is a unique set of numbers, usually around 19 characters, that allow ad buyers to identify publishers in the programmatic advertising ecosystem (e.g., auctions and direct deals) based on their advertising needs or requirements, such as pricing, targeting criteria and ad format. 

Mars Inc. will be one of the first to activate Instacart’s retail media data with PubMatic through its deal ID (see sidebar) for connected TV (CTV) and premium video campaigns, according to a recent announcement from PubMatic. 

PubMatic will use Instacart’s retail media data in connection with a curated inventory for approved advertisers. By leveraging a single, closed-loop data set, PubMatic says it will be able to measure return on ad spend (ROAS) and sales impact on Instacart for these campaigns. 

Additionally, PubMatic’s Activate solution —  which enables ad buyers to execute direct deals across its video and CTV inventory — will allow brands to “design, optimize and track campaigns based on specific marketing objectives, such as increased awareness, consideration and purchases,” the company says.

“We are excited to partner with PubMatic and Instacart to scale this valuable retail media data across our programmatic campaigns to optimize performance and drive ROI,” said Ron Amram, senior director, global media at Mars. “By tapping into Instacart’s retail media data across all digital channels, we can boost brand recognition and encourage more consumers to buy our products online or in-store.”

“PubMatic’s partnership with Instacart is the future of how commerce companies will build out audience extension capabilities,” said Hashim Mian, vice president, commerce media at PubMatic. She added that Instacart’s “new flexible solution will not require new integrations through PubMatic’s privacy compliant ecosystem.”

This collaboration with Instacart coincides with PubMatic’s recent expansion of commerce media solutions. In 2023, PubMatic launched Convert. The self-service ad platform is built on PubMatic's global cloud infrastructure and is tailored for retail media networks and their advertisers, enabling both onsite and offsite monetization, including sponsored listing ads, display ads, video and connected TV (CTV) inventory. The offering was designed to help networks leverage their first-party data for audience extension at scale across the open internet.