In-Store Kiosk Leverages Sensory Marketing

Jacqueline Barba
Digital Editor
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Aroma360, a scent marketing and branding company, has introduced an interactive scenting kiosk (ISK) display with embedded essential oil diffusers as a physical OOH marketing solution for businesses.

Aroma360’s ISK is a free-standing liquid-crystal display (LCD) — a type of flat-panel display that uses liquid crystals in its primary form of operation typically sandwiched between two sheets of glass.

The multisensory kiosk has a sleek aluminum frame and was designed to disperse a brand’s custom-curated scent while digitally advertising on a 43-inch LCD touchscreen display. It combines the traditional elements of visual advertising, interactive e-commerce and the “science of scent to influence customer purchasing behavior, time spent in-store and increase brand loyalty,” according to a news release.

"Diffusing a signature scent through the ISK can increase the intent to purchase by over 8%, making a scenting strategy a smart marketing tactic for businesses," said Nadira Persaud, chief marketing officer at Aroma360, in the release. "The ISK's design allows it to be placed in strategic locations, such as a high-traffic entryway, so you are better able to intersect with your customers and influence them both through the interactive display and scent dispersion. The ISK puts your branding where customers may not normally get to experience it."

Businesses can disperse an Aroma360 fragrance oil from two spray caps within the ISK, covering up to 4,000 square feet. The spray uses cold air diffusion technology to transform the fragrance oil into fine, dry nanoparticles for more consistent coverage and less residue. Scent diffusion can also be programmed on a timer to disperse different scents at different times, either directly from the ISK itself, or via a mobile app.

The ISK also contains built-in speakers allowing consumers to watch videos or check out products while the scent disperses. The thin kiosk can fit in such locations as hotel lobbies, convention centers and retail stores.