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Retail Marketing/In-Store

  • CoolerX Expands AI Ad-Targeting Capabilities

    The in-store digital merchandising platform has added 12,000 micro-audience segments, including psychographic and generational, to help brands predict shopper intent and optimize campaigns. 
    digital cooler screens coolerx
  • Retail Media And The CPG Consumer

    Dive into AdAdapted's survey of 1,000+ US shoppers, revealing how they engage with grocery retailers' digital platforms and retail media network (RMN) advertising. Learn why 68.6% of consumers make purchase decisions influenced by RMN ads and discover strategies to enhance your brand's digital presence.
  • Intelligent Advertising: Connecting Consumer Intent and Content to Drive Performance In-Store

    Join our webinar to explore the "software-defined" smart store and learn how intelligent advertising helps brands reach target audiences in-store and at-scale.
  • Meeting 2024's Consumer leveraged historical and current foot traffic data and trade area analysis to understand the retail and dining landscape and reveal consumer trends likely to shape 2024 and beyond. Learn which segments have benefited most from the shifts of the past five years, how legacy brands are staying on top of current shopping and dining trends, and much more.
  • Advertising in the Brick & Mortar Renaissance

    Join Our Webinar where we will discuss the latest trends reshaping the brick-and-mortar retail media space.
  • Cracking the Code on Incrementality in Brick-and-Mortar

    New Ways to Build Scale and Improve Performance at the Point of Decision.
  • New York Grocers Work With Grocery TV

    D'Agostino Supermarkets and parent company Gristedes have partnered with Grocery TV,  an in-store digital advertising network, to expand their physical advertising touchpoints.
    grocery tv
  • Dollar General Expands In-Store Media Offerings

    New solutions include signage on front-of-store bollards, security pedestals and basket liners as well as in-aisle category engagements that link the digital and physical experiences.
    dollar general aisle
  • Retail Intel Series 2024

    Our Retail Intel Series features special retailer and brand guests in each episode. Join us for a dialogue about current trends and strategies that are driving innovation for the next era of retail.
  • 10 CPG Brands Recognized for Packaging Redesigns

    The 2023 Designalytics Effectiveness Awards showcase food, beverage and personal care brands whose package redesigns sparked sales increases.
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