Shopper Sustainability Practices

Charlie Menchaca
Managing Editor
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More shoppers are leaning toward a sustainable lifestyle while keeping the hard costs related to it in mind, according to Breaktime Media.

In advance of this year's Earth Week and Earth Day observed April 22, Breaktime surveyed 900 shoppers about their sustainability habits, where they shop for clean products and what types of related items they plan to purchase this year.

Compared to last year, 25% of respondents indicated they are purchasing more sustainable products. Nearly 70% of shoppers say they are purchasing the same amount of these products as last year.

When shopping for sustainable products, 36% of survey respondents head to grocery stores and 29% go to Walmart. Third place was tied between Target and club stores, with 10% each.

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Only 17% of the survey respondents said they are willing to spend more for a sustainable product. A total of 40% said they were not likely to spend more while 43% were not sure.

In a related response, 43% of shoppers are more likely to purchase from a brand if a portion of the purchase supports a cause, according to the survey results.

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Breaktime Media recommends the following for brands to leverage Earth Day:

  • Influence shoppers to take a pledge to support a cause.
  • Amplify a special offer to inspire trial and help convert the 25% of shoppers who stated cost as their purchase driver.
  • Encourage shoppers to share why they’re going green with your products with a social giveaway.
  • Use trivia to educate shoppers on how your brand practices sustainability.