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Stauffer’s to Test New Animal Crackers in Stores


Meiji America snacks brand Stauffer’s will pre-launch a modern spin on its beloved animal crackers with a new, better-for-you product offering called Simply Animals in-store at two supermarket chains. 

Stauffer’s will market test the new products in January at Food City and Weis Markets stores, according to a media release.

Stauffer’s says the line offers a cleaner recipe and contains no high fructose corn syrup nor artificial colors or flavors, and is peanut-free. It also boasts more vibrant, playful packaging with “winsome” characters, per the release. 

"Category managers have responded very favorably when we've presented Simply Animals," Ken Vlazny, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Stauffer's, said in the release. "Our consumer research was very positive during the development of the brand. We're now looking forward to observing how the shopper reacts in the market."

Appearing on the packaging, the brand's cartoon mascots, Bryson the Bear and Taylor the Tiger, suggest different ways to enjoy Simply Animals and “revere friendship and community,” according to the release. The brand hopes to expand the Simply Animals' character universe once it launches nationally.

In addition, the brand has plans to put an emphasis on “lively, socially responsible” stories featuring the Simply Animals' characters to create a more meaningful and interactive experience for children and their parents. 

"We are excited to weave Simply Animals into the 150-plus year Stauffer's story and cannot wait to reveal more updates with snacking fans across the U.S." Geoffrey Guilfoile, brand manager at Stauffer's, added.

For this  test, the updated ingredient formula will debut in tried-and-true Stauffer flavors: chocolate and original. The original flavor will be available in a 16-ounce bag and a 12-bag single-serve multipack. The chocolate will be available in a 14.5-ounce bag.

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