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Retail Radar: Retailers Collaborate on Promotions, Causes

Recent retail news includes 7-Eleven helping Tetris celebrate 40 years with new merch and a contest.
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Path to Purchase Institute members have access to regularly updated retailer profiles, which can be accessed here. Recent news includes Walmart continuing to offer exclusives to loyalty program members while U.K. grocer Tesco opts to "challenge" theirs. Click on the headlines/links to read more.

Walmart Adds, Expands

Besides publishing its 2024 Annual Report (which can be accessed in the retailer's Overview), the mass merchant also has decided to halt its brick-and-mortar and virtual Walmart Health services (but the pharmacies and vision centers aren't going anywhere). The retailer also has been busy:

Tesco's Loyalty Challenge

The U.K. retailer is launching a six-week shopping challenge for 3 million Clubcard holders. If they take part, they'll have a series of personalized, AI-powered challenges they can complete for extra membership rewards.

7-Eleven Tetris

The convenience store chain is collaborating with The Tetris Co. to celebrate the game's 40th anniversary. Buying qualifying items earns chances to win limited edition items, and 7-Eleven is also selling merchandise tie-ins.

Walgreens & Kimberly-Clark

The drugstore chain is partnering with Kimberly-Clark to combat period poverty. For a limited time, feminine hygiene products are being donated to community organizations when a qualifying purchase is made. 

Asda Collaborates

The U.K. retailer is relaunching its retailer media network. It's also teamed with Diageo to install digital screens at several convenience locations, allowing customers to interact with the technology, choose their spirits and make a purchase.

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