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Retail Media Award Winners Discuss Measurement

Albertsons Media Collective's Evan Hovorka and Threefold's Matthew Lee share their thoughts on the challenges related to measurement standardization, new technologies creating technical headwinds for measurement improvements and much more.
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Evan Hovorka, vice president of product and innovation, Albertsons Media Collective, and Matthew Lee, co-founder, chief growth officer, Threefold, are among the 25 innovative leaders and trailblazers in retail media being honored through our Retail Media Awards program at Retail Media Summit. Ahead of the event, Lee and Hovorka shared their insights and thoughts on what will surely be a hot topic at the event: measurement. The Path to Purchase Institute recently chatted with the pair to discuss the new technologies creating technical headwinds for measurement improvements, next steps and challenges ahead for measurement standardization, and much more. Watch the full video above. 

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