Report: Seven Trends in Commerce

The Mars Agency London highlighted seven key trends to inspire marketers to think strategically in 2022 in a new special report titled “Trends in Commerce.”

The report highlighted seven trends, including:

  • Quick commerce. One of the fastest-growing purchase channels in 2021 was the expanding ecosystem of companies accelerating order-to-delivery promises, primarily driven by the intensifying purchase demands of shoppers. Demand for efficient commerce fulfillment will continue in 2022 as shoppers increasingly expect near-immediate delivery from retailers and brands, while “fast and free” will surely be the winning combination.
  • Brand purpose. Consumers are increasingly aware of the products they’re buying and the shopping journeys they’re undertaking. These consumers shop with new, consciously prioritized purchase triggers that place great scrutiny on brand purpose. In 2022, brands that have carefully substantiated and curated a single-minded purpose strategy that clearly delivers on their promise of mass relevance beyond the bottom line can foster deep loyalty among current shoppers and win over new buyers. “Base-level greenwashing and me-too sustainability claims fall well below the hygiene factor evaluations of shoppers” in this environment, according to the report.
  • Return of relevant retail. Despite the boom of digital commerce over the past two years, post-lockdown consumers around the world are eager to get back into the aisles of “real retail” and re-emerge themselves in the full sensory experience of physical shopping. Retailers and brands must deliver on three distinct, differentiated needs: provide safe shopping, more immersive browsing experiences, and must-have connected commerce opportunities.
  • Mindful eating. With shoppers now consistently choosing healthier eating options, brands and retailers in all related categories must prepare for an expanding wave of front-footed decisioning in 2022 by ensuring they have the right messaging and the right products.
  • QR codes. With smartphone cameras now simplifying usage for consumers, QR codes give brands and retailers a relatively easy way to have more relevant, evolving and connected communication with increasingly comfortable shoppers.

Other trends highlighted in the report include consumers reassessing their work practices and shifting to a self-made work week. The Mars Agency also discussed “selective frugality,” or the reevaluation of what’s important to consumers, particularly how they spend disposable income.