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Report Identifies Sustainable Product Purchasing Trends


Marketing data and analytics company AnalyticsIQ identified sustainable shopper trends using its database of more than 241 million consumers and 118 million households nationwide. It compiled a report that illustrates important traits of various eco-friendly shoppers.

Recently shared with Path to Purchase IQ, AnalyticsIQ’s “Green Personas Reach Consumers Who Put Dollars Behind Their Belief in Climate Change” report categorizes shoppers into four “green personas,” which were created by the company based on its proprietary research and analytics to help identify the gap between intentions and behaviors, and help marketers reach shoppers who vote with their wallet. Individuals typically align with one of the four personas based on their cognitive flexibility (low or high) as well as their belief in the concept of climate change (weak or high). The personas are the sustainable living spender, climate change conscious consumers, climate change skeptic and the climate change denier. 

Although many consumers indicate that they are invested in protecting the environment, the majority actually overestimate their level of dedication and their willingness or ability to spend more on sustainable products, according to AnalyticsIQ's green personas product sheet and detailed data.

Sustainable living spenders score highly on both their belief in climate change and cognitive flexibility, making the most green-motivated consumers and the ideal target for brand marketers of environmentally friendly products and services. Most consumers who fall under this persona are:

  • Women around the age of 52.
  • Highly educated and have an annual household income that’s 37% higher than average.
  • 26% more likely to purchase beauty products.
  • 21% less likely to shop at Walmart — 10% more likely to shop at Target.

Some other key findings from the report include:

  • Green, sustainable products and services are on their way to becoming a trillion-dollar market.
  • Nearly three quarters (75%) of consumers said they prefer eco-friendly brands, but 60% are unwilling to pay more money for that green product.
  • Nearly 75% of overall consumers said they prefer eco-friendly brands, and green shoppers in particular spend 23% more on discretionary items than average each year.
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