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GoPro's Merchandising Overhaul at Best Buy

Expanded and redesigned product displays have already rolled out to Best Buy’s camera experience shop stores, featuring twice the accessory space.

Wearable camera company GoPro has unveiled a large-scale merchandising rollout and sales program at Best Buy. The retail expansion includes the installation of completely redesigned product displays, an assisted sales program for Best Buy’s Blue Shirt associates, and an in-store and digital marketing experience to engage shoppers.

best buy gopro merchandising

GoPro has already rolled out larger product displays at more than 250 Best Buy locations that have specialty camera experience shops, the company said in a statement. And by July, GoPro’s cameras and accessories will be displayed in nearly 900 stores. 

The expanded displays in Best Buy’s camera shops will feature twice the accessory space and a wider GoPro selection.

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Best Buy store associates will also be specially trained on GoPro's entire product lineup so they can give shoppers guidance, tips and advice while they shop.

"We believe that combining our expanded shelf space and brand presence with Best Buy's knowledgeable sales staff will ensure a terrific in-store experience for GoPro customers," Dean Jahnke, GoPro's senior vice president of global sales and channel marketing, said in the statement. 

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