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Firework Tool Turns Instagram Content Into Shoppable Videos

Instagram Uploader allows brands and retailers to repurpose and convert existing stories, posts and reels into shoppable experiences hosted on their own websites.

Firework, a video commerce platform for brands and retailers, has launched a tool that turns existing social media content into shoppable video experiences hosted on a brand's own website. 

The feature, dubbed Instagram Uploader, integrates Instagram with the Firework business portal, allowing brands to quickly convert existing Instagram stories, posts and reels into immersive, shoppable video experiences, Firework said in a statement. The tool is designed to give retailers a new way to repurpose user-generated content (UGC) from Instagram and “breathe new life into existing assets,” while also streamlining the content creation process.

"With Instagram Uploader, we're transforming social snapshots into shoppable stories, seamlessly blending content with commerce," Jerry Luk, co-founder and president at Firework, said in the statement. "It's not just about bringing your Instagram feed to your website; it's about unlocking a new era of digital retail where every post is a potential purchase."

Firework says Instagram Uploader helps brands address a key challenge: the scalability of content creation. With content output at a premium, the solution allows retailers to “multiply the fruits of their efforts,” repurposing existing content in a way that directly ties to conversion (i.e., making it shoppable). Additionally, the infusion of social content on brand websites helps to elevate the experience.

The launch of Instagram Uploader follows a year of innovation from Firework, which works with big brands such as American Express, Gap, NBCUniversal and Sam’s Club. In 2023, the company was recognized by Fast Company's annual “Next Big Things in Tech” awards, which highlight technology that Fast Company believes will fundamentally change industries and improve lives.

Prior to that, the company also partnered with The Fresh Market to launch the first-ever shoppable video-live commerce (SVLC) retail media network, released a generative AI shopping solution to extend the engagement capabilities of live digital showroom events, and released a one-to-one video shopping solution for e-commerce that aims to bring the convenience and personalization of in-store shopping to the digital customer experience.

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