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CommentSold Launches TikTok-Style Video Solution

Video commerce platform CommentSold has launched a feature that allows retailers and online sellers to embed live shoppable videos across their social media and Shopify storefronts. 

The PopClips solution was inspired by Gen Z and Millennial consumers and the social shopping experiences they are particularly and increasingly partial to (e.g., short-form TikTok-style videos), according to a media release. It’s an expansion of the existing video technology solutions and integrations CommentSold provides to more than 7,000 (primarily small- to mid-sized) retailers and businesses. 


PopClips are short, engaging video clips in which up to five products can be tagged per video, linking to dedicated product detail pages. Retailers can seamlessly integrate the clips across various platforms, including CommentSold, Videeo, Popshoplive or Shopify-powered websites, mobile apps, social platforms (such as TikTok, Facebook and Instagram), and any other external webpage. The clips can be used:

  • To enhance product detail pages for products tagged in a video. The feature appears as an overlay next to product images and provides instant “explainer-video” content to give consumers a closer look at products.
  • As a mobile app integration. A “PopClips” tab within apps offers a swipe-up feed for shoppable videos, which mimics the engaging experiences most social media platforms already offer.
  • In emails and on external blogs to ensure a cohesive shopping journey for customers across touchpoints.

Video commerce has emerged as a significant marketing tactic and contributor to internet traffic in recent years. 

CommentSold says it has significantly broadened its reach in the Shopify ecosystem over the last year. In 2023, the company launched Videeo for Shopify, which enables live streaming on a Shopify website, Facebook, Instagram and mobile app. The company also moved more into direct-to-consumer commerce with its acquisition of Popshoplive, a community centric livestream video marketplace.

Additionally, it also partnered with TikTok, to amplify its influence and “set the stage for the significant success of TikTok Shop in the U.S. market,” the company said.

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