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Tesco Forms Media Partnership With Car Giant

tesco ev charging stations

Tesco has joined forces with Vauxhall Motors to bring the British car company’s branding and advertising to the grocery retailer’s electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. 

The Tesco Media and Insight Platform, powered by Dunnhumby, will help Vauxhall “refine and better target” its advertising to customers interested in electric vehicles, according to a media release from Dunnhumby. It will also promote Vauxhall products through a variety of Tesco channels, including social, digital and connected TV, as well as in-store radio and Tesco Magazine.

Additionally, the charging points operated in car parks at Tesco stores will be Vauxhall-branded and support the car giant’s “Electric Streets” campaign promoting greater access to EV charging stations across the U.K., particularly for those households without off-street parking.

It will span a total of 2,700 EV charging bays across 619 Tesco stores in the U.K., offering 12 months of free EV charging credit at Tesco stores to all new Vauxhall electric vehicle customers.

Vauxhall’s promotion will also be seen on a total of 619 charging units that have integrated media screens.

The creative and messaging for the Vauxhall program will be adapted and tailored each month to keep a “fresh, multi-channel, multi-sensory approach” that’s relevant to Tesco customers throughout the partnership, per the release.

“What retail media can offer brands is truly unique and we’re delighted to partner with Vauxhall to help them deliver the right advertising to the right customers in a strategic way,” said Simon Lonsdale, media strategy director at Tesco Media and Insight Platform. “Tesco has the largest network of EV charge points of all U.K. retailers, and so it’s a perfect fit to support Vauxhall with their ambition to make electric vehicles more accessible. We look forward to demonstrating how Tesco Media and Insight can help all brands showcase their offerings in new and innovative ways.”

“We see a clear opportunity to harness the power of Tesco’s own channels to convey our messages to audiences across the UK to give consumers confidence,” added Phil Douglass, marketing director, Vauxhall Motors. “We’re committed to electrifying Britain and helping motorists make the switch to electric with confidence. As part of our Electric Streets initiative, we are working to make sustainable electric mobility accessible for all.”

Vauxhall’s Electric Streets strategy involves collaboration with charge point operators and local councils to accelerate the installation of on-street residential charging nationwide, per the release.

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