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Swiftly Modernizes Circular Ads for Digital

The technology provider's "Audience Optimizer" solutions replace retailers' traditional paper ads with targeted and personalized online ads.
swiftly audience optimizer

Retail technology provider Swiftly has debuted “Audience Optimizer” solutions to help retailers and brands connect with shoppers online and bring them into stores.

  • For retailers, Audience Optimizer replaces the traditional paper circular ads with targeted and personalized online ads to put more relevant offers in front of the right customers.
  • For brands, Audience Optimizer will enable advertisers to pair “complementary” ad units with the retailer’s personalized digital ads, per a company statement. It launches in Q4 2024. 

Retailers are pivoting to digital circulars in part to combat potential losses due to local and print newspapers shuttering as well as to enhance the shopper experience. 

To address this, Swiftly is beefing up its suite of off-platform targeting and optimization tools, which leverage first-party and third-party data, to enable retailers to “turn generic digital circulars into personalized and highly relevant content for their customers,” improve shopper engagement and help recover revenues and customer loyalty, per the statement.

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The Audience Optimizer solutions combine personalization, automation and access to digital channels across the open web — such as social media, websites and connected TV (CTV) — to help retailers and brands deliver this content (e.g., deals, promotions) to shoppers. 

“With the launch of Audience Optimizer we’re taking a significant step forward in serving today’s digitally savvy shoppers,” Henry Kim, co-founder and CEO of Swiftly, said in the statement. “For retailers, this means driving more traffic and increasing sales with ads that truly resonate with individual shoppers' needs and preferences. For brands, it provides a powerful platform to showcase promotions effectively, ensuring their marketing efforts are targeted and impactful.”

The company added, “Access to consumer insights and precision targeting is setting a new standard for how to measure omnichannel advertising effectiveness and foot traffic in the retail sector.”

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