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Sam’s Club Expands Retail Media Capabilities

The retailer is building on its move that allowed MAP advertisers to attribute in-club purchases for search and sponsored product ads by rolling out additional design, targeting and usability features.

Sam's Club is expanding on a move it took earlier this year to allow its advertising partners to attribute in-club purchases by rolling out additional design, targeting and usability features for its omnichannel advertisers.

In March, Sam’s Club made it possible for advertisers to see exactly what revenue is generated by which ads, including search and sponsored products campaigns, through its retailer media network, Sam’s Club Member Access Platform (MAP).

Sam’s Club says the solution is already generating significant results for advertisers taking advantage of it. According to a July 18 media release from the Walmart-owned warehouse club, overall ROAS for omnichannel campaigns has increased an average of nearly 30% for Sam’s Club MAP advertisers since the retailer began connecting search and sponsored product ads to offline sales.

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“Sam’s Club MAP sponsored products, in-club attribution and moments like Sam’s Club’s 40th birthday celebration enables us to meet members where they shop throughout their omnichannel journey,” Bryan Reidy, vice president of sales at Danone, said in the release. “During our recent campaign, we were thrilled to see sales grow around 35%.”

The retailer said that in response to an influx of demand from suppliers, it is accelerating its investments into search and sponsored products offerings. Particularly, Sam’s Club has rolled out a series of new enhancements to its Brand Amplifier to create additional touchpoints in the shopping journey:

  • Design: An improved look and feel, designed for ease of use and flexibility, enables advertisers to showcase “hero” products or new offerings.
  • User experience (UX): Improved UX features allow members to add products to their cart directly from an ad.
  • Targeting: A new ability to target a category or “browse pages,” in addition to previously available search and keyword targeting.

The insights generated by in-club attribution now have the capability to enhance the entire ecosystem and close the loop by delivering real-time, first-party data for understanding purchases across channels.

“Many retailers are under-leveraging their brick-and-mortar dataset as it relates to digital strategy and measurement, which is why it was refreshing when Sam's Club released in-club attribution back in March, stitching together a true omnichannel measurement experience,” Sandy Welsch, vice president omnichannel platforms of Flywheel Digital, said in the release. “In-club attribution for Sponsored Products has created a positive feedback loop for our traders, influencing sponsored product strategy and in-flight optimization to maximize SKU level performance both on-site and in-club.”

“We’ve seen advertisers reimagine their data and media strategies with these insights and [capitalize] on our physical and digital reach, especially during the recent 40th Birthday celebration,” added Lex Josephs, vice president and general manager of Sam’s Club MAP. “We’re committed to exceeding the performance goals of our advertisers and improving the member shopping experience. The in-club attribution insights show that we are succeeding on both fronts.”

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