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Infographic: The Spring Cleaning Shopper

Consumers still turn to Walmart and grocery stores for their seasonal scrubbing, according to Breaktime Media.

Breaktime surveyed shoppers on their spring cleaning habits, including what type of cleaning products they prefer. Liquid-based products are the most popular at 44%, with sprays coming in second at 26% and wipes at 14%.

When it comes to choosing between traditional cleaning items or modern gadgets, 57% of survey takers selected regular cleaning items. Only 8% preferred emerging cleaning technology and 35% chose a mixture of both tools.

Breaktime Media spring cleaning infographic 1 of 2

Walmart was selected by 34% of respondents as their retail destination for cleaning supplies, followed by supermarkets at 29%. Club and dollar stores tied for third place with 9% each.

Breaktime Media spring cleaning infographic 2

Here are a few ways your brand can drive sales while  engaging and educating shoppers as they prepare for spring cleaning:

  • Help shoppers figure out which cleaning product is best for their needs through a fun quiz with personalized product offerings.
  • Use Breaktime’s digital add-to-cart feature to encourage shoppers to place an order for their must-have cleaning products.
  • Feature a list to help shoppers figure out the best cleaning schedule for their home while educating them on the benefits of your brand’s products.
  • Test shoppers’ knowledge of the effectiveness of different cleaning products while teaching them about your brand through trivia.
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