Infographic: AI and Holiday Consumer Trends

Almost half of consumers will use AI in their holiday planning this year, though tried-and-true methods like word of mouth and Pinterest remain top of mind, at least for meal inspiration, according to 84.51 research.
Jacqueline Barba
Digital Editor
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Artificial intelligence is increasingly helping consumers with their holiday to-do lists, according to research from Kroger’s 84.51 data analytics subsidiary (see infographic below).

In a recent consumer survey, 44% of respondents said they would use AI in their holiday planning. Of those:

  • 15% will use AI to make a holiday grocery list.
  • 13% are hoping to discover new holiday recipes.
  • 11% will ask AI to help with gift ideas.

However, even as AI becomes an increasingly prevalent part of everyday life, the research shows that the tried-and-true methods for meal inspiration remain top of mind. Of the 27% of consumers who say they’re likely to try out a new recipe for the holiday season, they will rely on the following resources:

  • Friends and family (41%).
  • Recipe websites (39%).
  • Cookbooks (28%).
  • Pinterest (23%).

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In addition, the economy is still playing a role in how consumers plan to spend their time this holiday season. The top four activities planned are all low to no cost, such as:

  • 61% plan to watch holiday movies at home (with 26% reporting they’ll watch more holiday movies this year).
  • 55% will bake holiday cookies/treats.
  • 49% are decorating their homes inside and out.
  • 48% will drive around to look at holiday decorations.

Notably, 51% said they would eat out at restaurants less this year, while 68% said they plan to buy the same amount of groceries this holiday season as last year.


In addition to the infographic, 84.51 recently released a whitepaper titled “From tradition to transformation: Examining holiday shopping trends and evolving customer habits.” That report unpacks how shoppers are navigating the current economic conditions and provides insights into evolving trends.