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Sainsbury’s Increases In-Store Retail Media Touchpoints

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U.K. supermarket chain Sainsbury’s is doubling the number of digital screens in its stores and launching an internal screen network, powered by longtime marketing and retail media services partner Nectar360 and out-of-home (OOH) media company Clear Channel.

Building on 25 years of Sainsbury’s working with Nectar360 and Clear Channel, this latest initiative grows “Sainsbury’s Live,” the retailer’s network of full-motion digital screens powered by Clear Channel, to more than 800 screens.

Sainsbury’s Live currently operates a national network of more than 320 connected digital screens located near store entrances. As Clear Channel upgrades the retailer’s existing network, the external network will span 420 screens, while up to 400 75-inch screens will launch internally across stores nationwide, according to a media release.

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The new internal network of screens will allow Sainsbury’s and its brand partners to tailor campaigns on display to location, weather, events, competitions or other contextually relevant factors.

“After 25 years of working together, we’re delighted to continue our journey with Clear Channel,” Amir Rasekh, managing director, Nectar360, said in the release. “The connected screens offer huge potential to generate a range of customer interactions, including QR codes and relevant offers, as well as building brand and product awareness.”

“The digitization of the store environment is expected to be the next evolution of retail media networks, so it’s important that we connect our digital capabilities across channels,” Rasekh added. “Over time, the Sainsbury’s Live partnership will play a part in allowing us to connect our entire retail media offering through ad tech in-store, on-site and off-site using our rich insight to enhance the customer journey.” 

Clear Channel will also install new Waferlite screens externally that Nectar360 says are up to 50% more energy efficient. Additionally, the entire network will be powered by Sainsbury’s renewable energy, per the release.

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