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Merryfield’s At-Shelf Program Headed to Earth Fare


Public benefit corporation Merryfield is expanding its Learn & Earn in-store consumer education, incentives and rewards program through a partnership with Earth Fare, a natural and organic grocery store in the Midwest and Southeast.

The program, powered by the Merryfield Rewards app and Cornerstone's Smart Shelf Tag technology, helps shoppers make healthier, more informed point-of-purchase decisions through in-aisle branded digital content and exclusive incentives and rewards unlocked using a smartphone.

Earth Fare shoppers will begin seeing Learn & Earn in-store/in-aisle signage, branded QR codes and tags at-shelf starting this summer at its 19 stores spanning eight states.

"It's much harder than it should be for people to find accurate and trustworthy information about food and other everyday products they want to buy for their families," Zooey Deschanel, actress and Merryfield co-founder and chief creative officer, said in a media release. "Earth Fare already researches and curates the items they carry with their Boot List, and now with Learn & Earn, their shoppers can learn even more about the items on the shelves and the values of each individual brand.”

Boot List is a list of questionable ingredients that have been banned from its stores.

Learn & Earn offers participating brands a way to tell their brand story and product information to Earth Fare shoppers through its in-store program signage and distinct QR codes displayed at-shelf. Scanning these QR codes using smartphone camera immediately reveals enhanced product information, educational content and interactive experiences. Through the Merryfield app, shoppers can unlock special offers available on a given shopping trip.

"Educating and aiding our customers on their journey to make informed decisions about how they feed their families is at the heart of everything we do at Earth Fare," Laurie Aker, director of marketing at Earth Fare, added.

Because Learn & Earn is facilitated through the Merryfield Rewards Network, CPG brands participating in the program at Earth Fare will have exclusive access to a growing suite of consumer activation and insights solutions, per the release.

Ahead of the Learn & Earn launch in stores, the Earth Fare team will soon be reaching out to supplier partners throughout the store with program details for enrollment and pre-launch pricing for the program. 

Earlier this year, Merryfield teamed up with Fresh Thyme Market, which is partially owned by Meijer, to implement Learn & Earn in its stores.

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