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How Shoppers Approach Grilling Season

Nearly a third of consumers plan to spend less than $50 on grilling-related supplies this summer, according to Breaktime Media.

Breaktime surveyed shoppers to learn more about their grilling-related activity, including their preferred foods and where they’re shopping.

Of those surveyed, 39% indicated they head to grocery stores for their grilling needs. Walmart came in second at 26%, followed by club stores at 15%.

2024 grilling season trends 1

Flavor and cost are the most important factors when purchasing grilling ingredients this year, according to respondents.

Hamburgers are the most popular grilling item at 40%, followed by steaks at 18% and hot dogs at 8%. (Plant-based burgers and seafood each received 5% of the vote).

BBQ sauce and ketchup are among the top grilling condiments, according to survey respondents. Potato salad and corn on the cob are preferred side dishes, and top drinks include soda, iced tea and beer.

Grilling season trends 2

Here are a few ways brands can engage and educate shoppers during this summer season:

  • Motivate trial by using a personality quiz to recommend the best side dish for their next grilled meal, all while showcasing your brand’s products.
  • Implement Breaktime’s built-in “add to cart” feature to promote the perfect bundle shoppers can purchase for their next barbecue.
  • Use a list to provide shoppers with inspiration for upcoming grilling holidays using your brand’s products.
  • Create buzzworthy moments through a custom performance-based promotion like a social giveaway or register-to-win sweepstakes.
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