Egglife Unveils Awareness Campaign

"Extensive consumer research, data and our passion for reimagining the future of food informed this brand campaign and innovative new product and is truly what has helped us meet our consumers where they are at," said Andrea Schwenk, vice president of marketing & innovation at Egglife, in the release. "We're thrilled to launch this new creative campaign and to more effectively communicate what the Egglife brand is all about — a brand that has taken an untraditional approach, going against conventional means to produce a truly disruptive product that is a solution to improving our consumers' lives. Something this brand is extremely proud of."

Emerging CPG brand Egglife Foods is doubling down on its mission to disrupt the tortilla category by launching a new creative campaign aimed at driving awareness, familiarity and loyalty for its egg white wraps. In conjunction with the campaign, Egglife has launched sweet cinnamon egg white wraps, encouraging consumers to “go against the grain.”

The new campaign, which aims to tell the story of “simple, delicious nutrition” by leveraging a bold visual look and clever copy, was developed after Egglife increased its marketing spend by 43% compared to the prior year, according to a news media release from Egglife. The campaign will come to life across a variety of consumer touchpoints, including connected TV/streaming, online video, social media, display, out-of-home (OOH) and search ads as well as influencer and public relations outreach. The CPG startup says the campaign will visually show how it has reimagined the egg into delicious, flour-free wraps that are “inclusive of all lifestyles and have the ability to transform ordinary, carb-laden foods into delicious, better-for-you options.”

The campaign first launched on Jan. 5, via CTV, OTT, OLV, social and digital and includes a series of advertisement spots ranging from 15-30 seconds. Egglife will launch OOH advertising later in 2022.

At the same time, Egglife’s campaign shares the spotlight with the company's latest product flavor launch: sweet cinnamon egg white wraps, which is a leap from the brand's existing savory product profile. The cinnamon wraps are marketed as naturally sweetened with monkfruit, comprising zero sugar, high-protein, low-carb canvas. The wraps are now exclusively at Sprouts retail locations and on The sweet flavor is also slated to roll out to grocery stores nationwide in March. In addition, the brand is dangling a free pack of sweet cinnamon wraps to shoppers who spend $25 or more on Egglife’s website for a limited time.

The creative campaign aims to highlight what sets Egglife apart in the wrap category. For example, spanning five flavors, each Egglife wrap is made with egg whites, with less than 1g carbs, fewer than 35 calories, 5g or more of protein, and 0g sugar. The CPG startup is working with Hill Holliday, a Boston-based advertising and marketing agency, as its creative partner in this campaign, Spool as its appointed PR agency, and Rosie Labs and Generator as its media strategy and buying agencies, respectively.

Icaro Doria, chief marketing officer at Hill Holliday, called the campaign’s copy a “call to arms,” adding that “we're on our way to beat flour and claim our space in the wrap category for good," in the release.