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Eagle Eye Solution Personalizes Promotions at Scale

EagleAI uses retailers’ existing customer data and machine learning algorithms to generate offers and communications created specifically for individual shoppers.

Digital marketing company Eagle Eye Solutions Group has launched an artificial intelligence-enabled solution built specifically for the retail industry. EagleAI was designed to help grocers and retailers optimize promotional spending and enable one-to-one shopper engagement.

EagleAI uses retailers’ existing customer data to generate personalized promotions at scale, which the company says represents the shift from mass promotions to segmentation to curated offers and communications created specifically for individual shoppers, according to a media release.

Eagle Eye says the new solution automates the process of connecting and structuring customer data across touchpoints and uses machine learning and AI to create uniquely personalized offers for shoppers rather than curating the “best fit” set of offers based on a finite number available. 

“At Eagle Eye, we’re on a mission to power the personalized marketing revolution, and launching EagleAI represents a significant step on that journey,” Tim Mason, CEO of Eagle Eye, said in the release. “We believe that personalization is the retail version of the Golden Rule — treating people as they would like to be treated — and with EagleAI, retailers can put this into practice in a real, scalable, efficient way.” 

Eagle Eye powers loyalty, promotions and customer marketing programs for retailers and brands, including Aldi, Asda, Southeastern Grocers, Loblaw, Woolworths, Morrisons, Tesco and the John Lewis Partnership.

The company says, at the heart of EagleAI is a set of machine-learning algorithms that factor product affinity, shopping predictions, promotional responsiveness and budgetary controls. The algorithms work in tandem to create and target the right offers for the right individual, per the release. In retail settings, EagleAI acts as the “brain” of the Eagle Eye AIR platform’s nervous system, which is the transaction layer that executes a range of offers in real-time across customer touchpoints.  

Eagle Eye says what makes EagleAI unique from other solutions out there is its ability to create personalized offers for individuals and execute them in real-time and at scale.

Eagle Eye developed EagleAI after it acquired Untie Nots, a Paris-based SaaS company that enables retailers to develop personalized and gamified promotions at scale, in early 2023. Leveraging the Untie Nots team, the Eagle Eye AIR platform and Google Cloud technology such as Vertex AI, EagleAI is a standalone solution under the umbrella of the Eagle Eye Group.  

“Our vision for EagleAI is to empower businesses to personalize the end-to-end customer experience while maximizing ROI,” Zyed Jamoussi co-founder of Untie Nots, said in the release. "We’re giving retailers the capability to manage the full complement of promotional, loyalty and media investments for every individual customer across every business unit.” 

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