Omnicom Media Group Debuts Place-Based Marketplace

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"The partnership between Cooler Screens and OMG provides a unique trifecta where all parties benefit," Cooler Screens co-founder and CEO, Arsen Avakian, said in the release. "Consumers receive contextually relevant content while they are in a shopping mindset in-store, empowering them to make better decisions. Retailers are able to modernize and activate their in-store experience and increase sales. Brands now have the opportunity to connect digitally and programmatically with consumers in-store when it matters most while also being able to measure online to offline performance."

Looking at the opportunity specifically through the grocery category lens, Grocery TV director of ad partnerships Nolan Johnson said, "We recently surveyed grocery shoppers and discovered that 95% of them are still regularly going into physical stores to get their groceries. OMG's new marketplace provides both endemic and non-endemic brands with the opportunity to bridge the gap between online and in-person retail media and capture attention in the real world."

"Volta is the only company that unites EV charging with a commerce-focused media network located in front of the stores where people routinely shop,” Volta chief revenue officer Brandt Hastings said in the release. “Providing Omnicom's clients with further programmatic access to Volta Media allows more advertisers to unlock our valuable place-based inventory, while also advancing our mission of accelerating a clean energy future for all.

Omnicom Media Group (OMG), the media services division of Omnicom Group Inc., has launched a programmatic marketplace for point-of-purchase advertising screens in the U.S. that spans nearly 80,000 screens across all 50 states and multiple touchpoints in and near the store.

The marketplace offers clients preferred or exclusive access to a place-based inventory of digital out-of-home (DOOH) and OOH screens, including in-aisle cooler doors, checkout screens, store entrance and open-air kiosks, EV charging stations and gas pump screens.

In a news release, OMG cites the 2021 PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) bi-annual “Global Consumer Survey” to prove that as e-commerce growth continues to accelerate, 48% of consumers still make purchases inside a physical store once a week. Even 45% of most digitally native consumers (i.e., Gen Z) were likely to shop in-store.

Live since April 8, OMG’s private marketplace gives clients access to new and evolving place-based inventory from top retail vendors and networks, including Cooler Screens, GSTVGrocery TVLightbox, NRS Digital Media, Screenverse, Starlite, Velocity and Volta Charging, to influence consumer decisions immediately prior to purchase.

In terms of an end-to-end impact, the marketplace aims to give its clients a competitive advantage in leveraging the new and evolving formats that retailers like Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, ShopRite and Whole Foods are offering in and near their stores, according to the release. By tapping into “actionable consumer touchpoints” programmatically, OMG says clients can better align and optimize product proximity and availability, support discovery for new and existing products as well as maximize contextual opportunities at the screen-level that drives incremental sales at a lower cost.

OMG’s marketplace will be incorporated into the inventory graph and activated within the Omni open orchestration platform that underpins all Omnicom agencies, per the release.

The partnerships were negotiated by OMG's Outdoor Media Group, an out-of-home media buying network in North America.