Walmart Adds 'Text to Shop' Capability

Jacqueline Barba
Digital Editor
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Walmart aims to make household shopping simpler by adding a Text to Shop option for customers with iOS and Android devices. 

The free offering is linked to shoppers' individual Walmart accounts, so data from past and frequently ordered items can deliver suggestions.

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Consumers can enroll for the text offering in the Walmart app or on the retailer’s website. Once enrolled, they can text the items they need, and quickly add them to their cart. All items added or removed to an order via text message are reflected in their online Walmart Grocery cart.

Users can choose from Walmart’s full selection products, including items from their local store and from (Exception: exclusive items must be ordered directly through the retailer’s app or website.) Texting “reorder” quickly reviews and adds frequently ordered items to one’s cart.

Text to Shop enables shoppers to quickly reorder ingredients for a dish, schedule pickup or delivery and swap out items as needed. When shopping is completed, users can review their cart, and checkout via text or through the Walmart app.

Text to Shop was built in partnership with Walmart’s Global Tech team, which worked closely with their customers to design the offering, according to a recent company blog post.