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Walmart Remodels Michigan Store With Enhanced Experience

The supercenter store in Kalamazoo, Michigan, boasts updated product displays, more digital touchpoints and expanded categories throughout the store.
jackie barba

Walmart has reopened a supercenter store in Kalamazoo, Michigan, boasting updated product displays and an enhanced and expanded shopping experience for customers, according to, a local media brand present at the store’s reopening event on Oct. 20.

According to MLive’s report, among the new store features is a grab-and-go grocery section, a vision center, a private room for nursing moms and a mural capturing the local Kalamazoo culture and history, created as part of the Walmart Community Mural Program.

The store has also added updated displays positioned in what Walmart calls "activated corners," which spotlight specific products and brands such as Gap throughout the store, per MLive. Displays in the apparel section also feature more mannequins and new product lines.

The supercenter also reportedly includes:

  • More shopping carts,
  • More self-checkout lanes and more staffed registers,
  • A new Walmart+ lane for members,
  • Additional dedicated stalls for grocery pickup and delivery,
  • Digital touchpoints (e.g., QR codes and display screens) to communicate products and services Walmart offers online,
  • An expanded pharmacy with new private screening rooms for pharmacist consultations and services,
  • Relocated and updated electronics department designed to offer more product demonstrations,
  • An updated deli section including more fresh and hot meals, and
  • A larger beer and wine section with an expanded assortment and coolers.
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