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Walmart to Bring Digital Shelf Labels to 2,300 Stores

By 2026, more store associates will be able to manage pricing, inventory, order fulfillment and customer interactions using a mobile device.
Walmart DSLs
Walmart DSLs

Walmart will expand its use of digital shelf labels (DSLs) to 2,300 stores by 2026. 

The retail giant has been exploring DSLs as early as 2019 to enhance the customer experience and make price changes more efficient. 

Recently, a store in Grapevine, Texas, has been testing a system technology developed by Vusion Group that helps improve how associates manage pricing, inventory, order fulfillment and customer interactions, wrote Daniela Boscan, food and consumable team lead, Hurst, Texas, in a post to Walmart’s corporate blog. 

Walmart stores have more than 120,000 products on shelves, each with an individual price tag. Every week, the stores support thousands of pricing updates for new items, Rollbacks and markdowns.

“DSLs allow us to update prices with a few clicks,” Boscan wrote. “A price change that used to take an associate two days to update now takes only minutes with the new DSL system. This efficiency means we can spend more time assisting customers and less time on repetitive tasks.”

Vusion’s DSLs allow associates to update prices at the shelf using a mobile app across departments. Other notable features include: 

  • A “Stock to Light” feature that allows associates to flash an LED light on the shelf tag using their mobile device to highlight locations that require attention. 
  • A “Pick to Light” feature that guides associates directly to products needed for online orders.

“It is not only about improving efficiency and customer satisfaction, but also about integrating sustainability into our work, in this case, to help reduce operational waste,” Boscan added. “As we continue to digitize stores and expand digital shelf labels to 2,300 stores by 2026, we are excited about the positive impact this innovation will have on our operations and the environment.”

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