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Lowe’s Launches Media Network

In partnership with CitrusAd and Criteo, Lowe’s One Roof Media Network offers brands omnichannel advertising opportunities.
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From HBSDealer, Oct. 13:

Lowe’s has launched a retailer media network, called Lowe’s One Roof Media Network, which aims to offer an extensive portfolio of omnichannel advertising services.

The network is designed to put brands at the forefront of the home lifestyle movement. 

“There’s been a real shift in consumer behavior and sentiment toward home, and we know our partners are continually looking for new ways to command attention, drive relevance and overall sales,” said Marisa Thalberg, Lowe’s executive vice president, chief brand and marketing officer.

Americans’ relationships with their homes have been transformed and the home lifestyle customer has become increasingly important for brands, Lowe’s pointed out.

At the same time, it continued, a changing media landscape has made it more challenging for brands to meaningfully connect with and engage this growing audience.

“Leveraging Lowe’s deep understanding of the home lifestyle customer and real-time trends, Lowe’s One Roof Media Network will serve as an extension of our partners’ marketing teams, helping them develop custom, comprehensive approaches designed to deliver on their business goals,” said Thalberg.

The network also aims to help customers hear from the brands they care most about.

In fact, the firm wrote, more than 100 partner brands, including Samsung, Kohler and GE Lighting, a Savant company, participated in the Network’s early beta tests, with limited categories and inventory.

Those tests have already generated significant growth of daily revenue, it related. One kitchen and bath partner achieved a 700% return on ad spend, with several vendors in the pilot seeing returns over 1,000%.

Lowe’s indicated that its One Roof Media Network brings together data-driven insights, foresight into consumer behaviors and home category trends, and customized advertising products under one roof to help brand partners drive relevancy and sales with the home lifestyle customer.

Capabilities, the company related, both in operation today and under development to launch in 2022 and beyond, include ad placement on pages and mobile app; and digital and social media extensions to help brands better reach their customers.

The omnichannel services also include: Sponsored home editorial content on its social channels and website; research and thought leadership on future shopping trends; and in-depth measurement and closed-loop reporting including consultation for growth opportunities.

As part of the next public beta phase, Lowe’s will scale onsite inventory, select offsite activation partners and ramp sales demand as brands plan for 2022, it noted.

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