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Mondelez Re-Ups Deal With Sustainable Packaging Provider

Mondelez International has signed a second consecutive five-year agreement with DS Smith, a global provider of fiber-based sustainable packaging solutions, making DS Smith the sole supplier of corrugated packaging in Europe for the snacks company, which includes Oreo, LU and Belvita biscuits, 7Days baked snacks, Cadbury Dairy Milk, Milka, Cote d’Or and Toblerone chocolate.

The agreement represents an exclusive partnership and is an extension of existing services the duo has established over the last decade, with a commitment to new projects, according to a media release.

DS Smith says the collaboration will enable the companies to further build on their research and development programs and deliver bespoke sustainable and economical packaging solutions with a “radical joint innovation program and roadmap.” This will involve reducing materials and increasing recyclability across key product lines.

New fiber-based sustainable packaging solutions will be implemented across European markets, and both companies will work closely together to reduce the use of single-use plastics and hit a target of net-zero emissions by 2050, per the release.

DS Smith says both companies are dedicated to an approach that focuses on quality, supply chain efficiency and productivity initiatives. A key shared objective is to ensure that supply chains continue to be resilient, and to keep products on shelves regardless of market conditions. 

DS Smith and Mondelez will continue to use DS Smith Circular Design Metrics when co-creating new packaging innovations, ensuring that every solution is evaluated for “key sustainability measures,” such as recyclability, material consumption, keeping material and products in use for longer and making entire supply cycles more efficient. 

DS Smith developed its Circular Design Metrics tool following the launch of the company’s Circular Design Principles that help companies transition to a more circular economy.  

“This longstanding partnership [with Mondelez] is a testament to the strength of our shared vision together,” Stefano Rossi, CEO, packaging division, DS Smith, said in the release. “We are uniquely focused on redefining packaging for a changing world and in creating lasting packaging innovations across all areas of our customer’s business.”

“We are tremendously excited about our next venture with DS Smith and grateful for the collaborative journey that we have shared over the last 10 years,” Cyril Goyet, vice president of procurement Europe, Mondelez, added. “The mutual trust we have built over time and the transparency and dedication exhibited by both teams has been the secret recipe of our success, enabling consistent value delivery and making our partnership unique and remarkable.”

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