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Vallarta Supermarkets Enhances Store Layouts

The regional grocer is making moves to refine its assortment strategy and store layout while increasing product availability.

Vallarta Supermarkets, a Los Angeles-based grocer that primarily caters to Latino American communities, is making multiple improvements to its store experience and efficiencies. 

Vallarta, which operates stores across California, is leveraging space and assortment planning capabilities from Relex Solutions to help refine assortment strategy, increase product availability, make better use of the store layout and ensure a wider availability of products, according to a media release.

Relex provides a unified supply chain and retail planning platform that works with retailers and CPG brands (including PetSmart, Whole Foods Market, The Home Depot, Dollar Tree and Family Dollar) on demand, merchandising, supply chain, operations and production efficiencies.

Vallarta is betting that access to Relex's data-driven insights will help it better understand the performance of individual categories and assign the right amount of space to each category and each product in each store. 

To improve the customer experience, the chain is enhancing store layouts and category/product flows of stores or departments, and placing best-selling items in optimal locations. Shopper-focused, store-specific assortments and planograms will also help Vallarta optimize inventory and space utilization, and ideally reduce supply chain costs.

Relex partner and retail consultancy Logic will also provide Vallarta guidance and implementation services for this deployment.

Established more than 35 years ago, Vallarta offers customers the traditional food, culture, colors and vibrant energy of Mexico and Latin America at its stores. However, the chain has faced challenges managing around 30,000 SKUs across its 55-store footprint, considering localization needs and unique shopper preferences, per the release.

Overall, Vallarta’s goal with these enhancements is to support growth, enhance efficiency and ensure customer satisfaction.

“We are confident that Relex will help us to achieve our goals by enhancing our assortment planning and space utilization,” said John Sellers, senior vice president of merchandising, Vallarta. “Relex's focus on delivering measurable value aligns with our principle of providing the best for our customers, ensuring we continue to celebrate and serve our communities effectively.”

“We are thrilled to work with Vallarta Supermarkets for their long-term success and growth plans,” said Keith Adams, SVP, North America, Relex. “This collaboration is built on a shared dedication to delivering measurable, swift results, leveraging our extensive experience in the grocery sector to meet Vallarta's unique needs.”

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