Retail Media: The Agency Perspective

Cyndi Loza
Managing Editor, Member Content | profile
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In collaboration with CVS Media Exchange

If you work in the world of commerce marketing and/or attended the Path to Purchase Institute’s (P2PI) Retail Media Summit this summer, you know there’s incredible excitement surrounding retail media. The sector continues to grow with retailer media networks (RMNs) expanding their partnerships and capabilities, and new networks and solution providers popping up regularly.

Recognizing all the buzz, P2PI over the years has produced various reports on the subject, surveying CPG brand marketers and shoppers alike. However, for this report, we wanted to understand and get honest insights on what agency executives really think about RMNs as well as the networks’ current and future status in the industry.

Together with CVS Media Exchange (CMX), P2PI fielded an online survey of agency professionals from March 7 through April 5. Eighty-six respondents answered questions ranging from their recommended retail media mix to must-have RMN product offerings.

To qualify for the survey, respondents had to indicate they lead or work in a role that included engaging with clients on retail media. All respondents had a client focus of CPG manufacturers, while some also noted working with clients from other sectors, including retail (35%), direct-to-consumer (22%), technology (14%), home appliances/furnishings (13%) and automobiles (9%). When asked if their CPG clients are more often shopper or brand marketing teams, respondents noted shopper marketing most often (44%), followed by shopper and brand marketing (34%) and then brand marketing (22%).