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This October, we’re beyond excited to co-host our very first international event — Retail Media Summit UK — in London along with our partner SMG, writes Editorial Director Jessie Dowd.

Here at P2PI, we like to think of ourselves as the OG when it comes to publications covering retail media. We’ve always been at the forefront of helping our industry navigate this field —even back when the questions our members had were quite elementary (as in, “What even IS retail media?”).

So as the proliferation of retail media continues across the globe, we too are bringing our expertise to marketers around the world, starting with a big leap across the pond. This October, we’re beyond excited to co-host our very first international event — Retail Media Summit UK — in London along with our partner SMG.

There’s no doubt retail media has been a hot topic for our industry these last few years, but it seems we are finally hitting full stride now. And while there is a plethora of information out there available, it can also be quite challenging for commerce marketers to sort through it all.

Retail Media Summit UK has been carefully designed to help brands and retailers cut through that noise. We get it, there are a lot of events. There’s a lot of conflicting advice. So, it’s our mission to help attendees separate fact from fiction with a content program that is going to outline best practices and do a little myth busting, dig into some data and, most importantly, provide marketers with the knowledge to strategize a clear path forward in this ever-changing landscape.

Our international coverage doesn’t just stop at retail media though. As brands and retailers encounter an increasingly complex matrix of consumer trends and shopper behavior along the path to purchase, P2PI is working to make sure our readers and members are informed, inspired and interconnected. Part of this process includes covering more international stories so that our audience has access to the most innovative ideas, best practices and tactics — regardless of borders. From expanding our member-exclusive retailer profiles online to include new countries like Canada and the U.K. this year (plus more countries and retailers coming in 2024) to interviewing commerce marketers across the world to share their experiences to covering the latest campaigns, in-store experiences and more, P2PI will keep you ahead of the game by offering a holistic view of shopper journeys across the globe.

Today’s consumers aren’t just hybrid shoppers who move fluidly between online and in-store, they’re truly engaging in omnichannel journeys where moments of inspiration and consideration meld into one. That traditional marketing funnel — forget it, it’s gone, dissolved. Consumers are engaging with brands all across that path to purchase, and it’s our goal to help commerce marketers seize each and every new opportunity.

Whether it be retail media, AI or some new, unimagined path that’s yet to reveal itself, we hope you find the fuel on these pages to confidently forge ahead in these unchartered waters. The new world of commerce marketing requires bold ambitions, out-of-the-box ideas and a little bit of bravery to test and learn new ways of thinking. When it comes to disrupting the status quo, retail media has forced our industry to rewrite the rules and reinvent the game. We may still be building the plane while flying it, but what an amazing ride it will be.

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