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Commerce Marketing Program

Available exclusively to Path to Purchase Institute members, the Commerce Marketing Program provides practical education on the fundamentals of commerce marketing through 100% online, self-paced modules. Each training module delivers curated, highly relevant and content-rich educational experiences providing industry professionals with an educational foundation on shopper insights and shopper marketing along with know-how for tomorrow when it comes to all things related to the retail shelf, retail media evaluation and measurement, social commerce, the Metaverse and CPG organizational best practices.

Path to Purchase Institute MeetUp

P2PI members are invited to MeetUp for open and organic dialogue about top-of-mind industry issues. Content and discussion topics are driven by P2PI members, and meetings are held in a virtual, open-door environment. Participate to share your experience and insights with your peers in this new community forum.

P2PI 2024 Trends Report: RMN Ratings & Insights

For the past 28 years, the Path to Purchase Institute has produced a Trends Report to examine the major issues affecting consumer goods companies. Members have exclusive access to the full deck of findings that range from CPG brands juggling 10+ retailer media networks to insights on retail media budget allocations.

P2PI Research: Skai's 'State of Retail Media' Report

P2PI teamed with Skai to produce a report benchmarking retail media’s meteoric rise and offering statistical guidance for CPG brands looking to make informed and strategic decisions on their retail media programs. Members have exclusive access to the full deck of findings. 

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