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The State of Content Management

Our exclusive research examines how brand, retailer and agency professionals are leveraging AI, including their concerns about the technology and how they plan to continue to use it.
In collaboration with Vizit.
content management
content management

What a difference a year makes! From a newsworthy hot topic to a tool being implemented into content management processes, artificial intelligence (AI) is finding its place in the daily lives of CPG professionals. 

In 2023, 46% of respondents in our survey were very familiar with the available AI tools, yet they demonstrated cautiousness in integrating them into their content management strategies. At the time, 3-in-5 reported experimenting with using AI to support visual content creation and measurement. However, none of the professionals surveyed had fully integrated the available tools into their internal processes. 

A year later, more than 2-in-5 say AI is fully integrated to support content measurement and optimization and one-third are using AI tools at least half the time to support these efforts.

This year’s “State of Content Management” report, executed in collaboration with Vizit, shares details about how the surveyed brand, retailer and agency professionals are leveraging AI, their concerns about the technology and how they plan to continue to implement tools in 2024 and beyond.

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