P2PI Member Spotlight (March-April 2022)

Cyndi Loza
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Jessica Ellickson
Shopper Marketing Senior Director

Biggest challenge right now: Measuring and optimizing our shopper marketing program performance. This includes determining the optimal shopper marketing spend by retailer, the most effective shopper marketing tactics (which elements drive higher return and what percentage should be online versus in-store), and what is the optimal pulsing for running shopper marketing programming with trade.

With many retailers moving to clean store policies and setting up retailer media networks, the majority of investment is now online, which is allowing us to capture data more quickly and cost effectively. This enables shopper marketing data to be more easily integrated in marketing mix modeling and allows us to understand what is working and not working across shopper marketing campaigns. Yet, with measurement being a newer space for shopper marketing — and shopper marketing still has a decent percentage of activation in-store — I’ve struggled to find how we measure everything in a seamless manner.

Solution for others facing the same challenge: We are currently conducting a pilot with Foresight ROI as we embark on our measurement journey.

A memorable aha moment in your career: When I worked in Latin America, as part of the planning process I identified the big bets for the upcoming year by sizing the opportunity across consumption occasions. The data showed us that the leisure-at-home occasion was a large volume opportunity, yet our market share significantly under-indexed compared to other occasions where we had strong holds (e.g., meals at home). Therefore, one of our shopper marketing big bets was developing programming for the leisure-at-home occasion.

I conducted research, such as eye tracking, neuromarketing and virtual store tests, to determine the optimal snacking adjacencies and messaging, while developing unique solutions for the top three retailers in Latin America. Our customers were excited to partner with us on the unidentified opportunity and granted us incremental space to activate our shopper marketing programming, which resulted in 5%-10% sales lifts.

Favorite hobby: Paddle boarding and biking around the lakes with my daughter.

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Elizabeth “Liz” Fogerty
EVP, Strategic Planning and Analytics
Advantage Marketing Partners

Responsibility: Overseeing a team of right- and left-brain thinkers who are responsible for synthesizing data and market research to find real consumer-to-buyer truths, creating the strategic foundation for commerce marketing activation that motivates purchase, delivers revenue and builds equity.

Biggest challenge right now: Staying ahead of the pace of change and untangling the vast amounts of data that are currently available to marketers — and determining which of those points are the most important to inform optimal decision-making.

Solution for others facing the same challenge: Get moving, get organized and don’t be afraid to test and learn, take risks and move fast.

Best advice you received in your career: Never stop learning. Knowledge is now at everyone’s fingertips. It’s easier than ever to be a student of the business. Learning new things provides a feeling of accomplishment, which in turn boosts confidence in our own capabilities.

A memorable aha moment in your career: Not one moment, but the culmination of many years: when you recognize that at the heart of all business are its people and the relationships you cultivate. When we are able to respect that each member brings something different to the collective, trust is built. When there is respect and trust, there is nothing you can’t accomplish together.

Favorite hobby: Volunteering.

What you are watching on TV right now: “Yellowstone.” Binged all four seasons.