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Member Spotlight (May-June 2024)

Here’s a snapshot of industry leaders from the P2PI member community: Kind and Public Label.

Nia Mack Rodney
Senior Manager, Omnichannel Marketing 

Main job responsibilities: I spearhead the strategy and execution of Kind’s online and in-store marketing initiatives, strategically aligning them with prominent retailers in the mass, club and e-commerce distribution channels. With a focus on enhancing consumer engagement and driving sales, I orchestrate comprehensive digital and retail media strategies across major platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, Costco, Sam’s Club and BJ’s Wholesale Club. My mission is to craft compelling and cohesive consumer experiences that not only bolster acquisition and retention efforts, but also maximize website traffic and revenue generation.

I also am at the forefront of cultivating diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) within our organization, intertwining it seamlessly with our annual strategic plans. My role extends to igniting dialogues that push for heightened diversity within our marketing narratives and messaging, championing the inclusion and active involvement of varied communities. In fostering an environment that thrives on productivity and engagement, I’m dedicated to nurturing a workplace culture at Kind that celebrates diversity in all its forms.

How you win with shoppers during uncertain economic times: I keep a keen eye on the dynamics of consumer behavior. I remain attuned to their motivations and actions, meticulously tailoring retail marketing strategy with sales objectives to match tactics and content for the shopper’s ever-evolving preferences.

New marketing tactic that you use: The ongoing evolution of shoppable recipe media and personalized moments media remains a steadfast driver of robust consumer engagement, consistently delivering impressive performance metrics. It also goes without saying that the integration of generative AI represents a pivotal stride toward the future. AI is in our toolbox, but we are learning the proper ways to activate within retail media, ensuring alignment with legal parameters and upholding the highest standards of company ethics.

What you are reading or watching right now: As an active member of the company’s Women at Kind resource group, I’m participating in its second annual book club centered around “The Joy Luck Club.” I also am currently engrossed in “How to Raise an Adult.” Then I indulge in the TV series “Suits” whenever time permits. 

Summer travel plans: We’re embarking on a road trip to Montreal, followed by our annual vacation to our beloved island paradise, Jamaica.


public label

Brian Kittelson
Public Label

Main job responsibilities: I oversee all activities geared to unlock differential growth for our clients.

How you win with shoppers during uncertain economic times: There are four key areas we’re focused on to help clients navigate these times: Optimize budgets for effectiveness (high ROI channels/tactics), elevated insight mining, promoting value and deepening brand resonance.

New marketing tactic that you use: It’s not a single tactic but rather an approach to developing more effective shopper plans, by retailer. We call it the 5i shopper model (issue, information, insight, implication and implementation). The model helps brands create custom, insight-based and retailer-specific shopper plans that simply hit harder.

Memorable aha moment in your career: When I was a junior brand manager, a category buyer once told me that all brands are commodities to a retailer as they can be found in all channels and across most retailers. A brand stops being a commodity when it brings forward solutions that truly grow the category. This simple statement was an aha moment for me and changed my approach to how I develop brand plans.

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