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DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE: Inside A Revamped Walmart Store

View an image gallery from our visit to one of 117 remodeled Walmart stores in the U.S. The store features more space, activated merchandising corners and new digital touchpoints.
jackie barba

On Nov. 3, Walmart celebrated the reopening of 117 remodeled stores on what it called the “Second Best Day,” aka the largest single-day rollout of "re-grand openings" in the company history. The project represents more than half a billion dollars in capital investments in local communities across 30 states. 

The Path to Purchase recently visited one of those stores in Roseville, Michigan, a northern suburb of Detroit. 

The store offers an improved and more modern and spacious layout, expanded product selections and innovative technology that helps Walmart associates better support customers and customers better serve themselves. Here's a look at what stood out to us:

A refreshed interior and exterior, including new paint, updated flooring throughout the store, modernized restrooms, and new fixtures and LED lighting to provide brighter visibility throughout the store. 

Inside near the Grocery and Recycling Center entrance, a custom Motown-inspired mural pays homage to Detroit’s musical roots, where the recording label was founded in 1959 by Berry Gordy, Jr. It became one of the most successful Black-owned businesses and one of the most influential independent record companies in American history. 

Inside the store, shoppers will notice the front-end transformation, offering more check-out options, including staffed lanes and self-checkout areas. There is also a new Grab & Go section in the grocery areas for quick meal and drink options and a new Dollar Shop merchandising seasonally relevant products near store entrances.

Perhaps most notably, new digital touchpoints, such as QR codes and digital screens, and activated corners are scattered throughout the store in some departments, communicating the range of products and services available online and offering a hands-on product experience. For example, in the home goods department, large endcaps showcase full unboxed bedroom or kitchen set-ups next to signage encouraging shoppers to explore the entire collection or more trending kitchen must-haves online through dedicated QR codes. 

In Walmart’s pet department, shoppers can scan QR codes to find additional dog bed options, learn about Walmart’s pet insurance service options or have a 20-pound bag of kibble delivered to their door.

Additionally, in the electronics section, TVs merchandised on a wall play advertisements (some even featuring QR codes) on loop, both for brands and Walmart’s own products and promotions. At the time of our visit, TVs were playing ads for Black Friday, Walmart’s top toys for the holidays and Mars Ben’s Original rice. 

While Walmart is known for its affordable grocery prices to lure customers to its stores, the retailer has been growing its pricier merchandise as well, including apparel from brands like Chaps and Reebok, the latter of which enjoys prime merchandising space and even large digital screens playing branded ads. Walmart’s men and women private-label fashion brand Free Assembly also enjoys a similar spotlight in the apparel section.

In addition, the store also includes larger online grocery pickup and delivery areas to accommodate growing demand and to serve the increased number of e-commerce shoppers.

Other notable elements of the store:

  • More shopping carts.
  • New signage to provide easier navigation and discovery while shopping and using the Walmart mobile app.
  • More displays/elevated departments that showcase products out of their boxes.
  • A private room area for nursing mothers.
  • Updated customer service area with additional room and comfort.
  • Relocated and expanded pharmacies to allow for new private screening rooms offering pharmacist consultations and services.

Each store’s reopening is part of Walmart’s “Signature Experience,” which is the retailer’s mission to inspire customers with a seamless, high-quality shopping experience.

Walmart plans to continue modernizing its stores across the U.S. in 2024.

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