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Brand Watch: Colgate Taps Into AR Experience

The brand has partnered with Perfect Corp. to engage consumers on smartphones.

Colgate-Palmolive plans to expand use of an augmented reality tool that goes beyond superficial claims of whiter teeth.

Colgate worked with Perfect Corp., a beauty and fashion tech solutions provider, to launch its Teeth Whitening Virtual Experience in the fall of 2022. Since then, the manufacturer has seen a more than 40% increase in consumers clicking “Buy Now” buttons associated with the product, according to a written case study.

The AR-powered function simulates results that might be achieved from using the Colgate Optic White overnight teeth whitening pen after two weeks.

“As a science-based company, Colgate wanted to provide consumers with a realistic augmented reality experience so they could see for themselves the difference that our whitening products can make for their own teeth,” said Gary Binstock, director of technology, strategic innovation and technology alliances, at Colgate-Palmolive, in the case study. “We needed an AR system that reflected what our researchers had found in laboratory settings.”

The experience was developed through extensive research and collaboration between Colgate scientists and Perfect Corp.’s engineers. Perfect worked with the scientists to integrate a specialized algorithm to bring vivid results to life through AR simulation.


While most consumers access the virtual experience through Colgate’s website, the company also is expanding access on an omnichannel basis, including on-pack QR codes. The tool was initially promoted in earned media coverage and on Colgate’s corporate news blog. 

“We can embed access through our URL on retailer websites or by placing QR codes on product packaging, or on retail shelves and displays,” Binstock said in the study. “We have many ways to invite consumers into our virtual experience.”

The intent to purchase actions have been strong compared to any kind of standard engagement. Colgate found consumers stay on the company’s Whitening Hub website longer when they engage with the virtual tool.

“Our AR experience captivates consumers and they are spending more time on our site, including reading about products and watching videos,” Binstock said in the study. “All of this makes it easier for them to decide on making a purchase.”

Colgate looks to extend the virtual experience to other Optic White products and roll the AR visualization out to additional global customers.

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