Your order is ready in store: brick-and-mortar's new fulfillment role and how to navigate it

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Your Order Is Ready in Store: Brick-and-Mortar's New Fulfillment Role and How to Navigate It


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As brick-and-mortar stores transition to also serve as fulfillment centers for online orders, CPG brands must manage their digital shelf and consumer expectations for that role, including how to avoid an out-of-stock spiral: unavailable items won’t show up in an online search, sales decline, and products are delisted. 

Granular omnichannel data can break down delivered orders vs. click-and-collect orders, allowing brands to see how they are performing, how the category is shifting, and how consumers are shopping at specific retailers. 

Learn more in our report, “Your order is ready in store: brick-and-mortar’s new fulfillment role and how to navigate it.”

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