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  • 11/29/2023

    Breaktime Media Announces 3 Key Hires

    Breaktime Media Fall 2023 hires

    Boston-based Breaktime Media has brought on three new team members with deep experience in the industry.

    Brad Godwin joins the company as SVP of sales, partnerships and client evangelist. He is focused on helping brands and their agency partners win at retail.

    Godwin has more than a decade of agency experience. He recently completed a six-year tenure at Shopkick, where he last served as SVP, head of CPG/retail partnerships.

    Adam Gottsch has also headed from Shopkick to Breaktime to become its newest sales director. His previous role was VP, brand and retail partnerships. Before that, Gottsch held senior positions at eBay Ads and Triad Retail Media.

    Rounding out the hires is Carly Michaels, who is now Breaktime’s senior project management lead. She worked at Quotient Technology for seven years in various roles, including project management office manager, senior media project manager and senior media sales planner.

    Breaktime continues to add experience to its teams following the hiring of Jake Morrisroe this summer as director of promotions.

  • 11/28/2023

    LiveRamp Named AWS Global Industry Partner of the Year


    Amazon Web Services (AWS) has named the recipients of its 2023 Geo and Global AWS Partner Awards. The cloud computing company’s annual program recognizes members of its AWS Partner Network (APN) from around the world that play key roles in helping customers drive innovation and build solutions on AWS.

    LiveRamp, a data collaboration platform, was one of the companies recognized this year during Amazon’s Partner Awards Gala at AWS re:Invent event taking place Nov. 27-Dec. 1 in Las Vegas. The recipient companies were recognized for having business models that embraced specialization, innovation and cooperation over the past year and continue to evolve and thrive on AWS, according to a media release from LiveRamp.

    LiveRamp received Global Industry Partner of the Year in Advertising and Marketing, which recognizes top AWS Partners who collaborate alongside top brands, media publishers, agencies and technology companies.

    Advertisers, marketers, publishers, media companies and platforms use LiveRamp’s embedded solutions on AWS to amplify the value of their first-party data and enhance their data infrastructure in the cloud. LiveRamp says its technology allows these companies and their data teams to build an enterprise identity foundation, engage in privacy-centric data collaboration and enhance activation, media measurement and ecosystem connectivity within their cloud environment.

    “We are deeply honored by this recognition from AWS,” Noel McMichael, vice president of commercial cloud at LiveRamp, said in the release. “It reflects the caliber of our team, strength of our collaboration with AWS, and exceptional value we are delivering to our joint customers.”

    The APN is a global program focused on helping companies build successful AWS-based businesses or solutions by providing business, technical, marketing and go-to-market support. The APN includes independent software vendors (ISVs) and systems integrators (SIs) around the world, with AWS Partner participation growing significantly during the past 12 months, per the release.

    A panel of AWS experts selected the winners based on strict criteria with third-party audit conducted by Canalys, and selected with a special emphasis placed on customer success use cases presented in the nomination form, according to AWS.

    LiveRamp is an AWS APN Partner and an AWS Clean Rooms Partner.

    See the full list of honorees here

  • 11/21/2023

    Stingray Launches 18 Channels in the U.S. on Samsung TV Plus

    tv streaming

    Music, media and advertising technology company Stingray has launched 18 new audio and video channels on Samsung TV Plus, Samsung’s free ad-supported streaming TV and advertising-based video on-demand (AVOD) service. These channels are now live and available to users in the U.S. on Samsung Smart TVs, Galaxy devices, Smart Monitors, Family Hub refrigerators and on the web.

    The new audio channels on Samsung TV Plus cater to a broad spectrum of musical tastes and genres, such as Hot Country, Remember the 80’s, Nothin’ But 90’s, Flashback 70’s, Smooth Jazz, Easy Listening, The Spa, Today’s K-Pop, Today’s Latin Pop, Romance Latino, Classic Rock, Hip-Hop and Greatest Hits, according to a media release.

    [Also Read: Stingray Grows Streaming Partnership with TCL in U.S., Canada]

    Stingray also launched video channels on Samsung TV Plus. These are available on both FAST channels (i.e., free connected TV streaming services like Samsung TV Plus, Roku and YouTube) and as collections via AVOD. These include:

    • Stingray Holidayscapes offer themed holiday backdrops set to uplifting season-based music.
    • ZenLIFE by Stingray promotes daily wellness with guided meditation, tranquil sounds and easy-listening music.
    • Qello Concerts by Stingray presents full-length concert films and documentaries about popular artists.
    • Stingray DJAZZ offers jazz concerts, films and documentaries from top venues and festivals.
    • Stingray Classica highlights classical music concerts and ballets from venues around the world.

    "We are incredibly excited to join forces with Samsung TV Plus, a leading FAST service with unparalleled reach in delivering free premium entertainment, to showcase our diverse portfolio of audio and video channels," Jim Riley, president, U.S. division at Stingray, said in the release. "This collaboration underscores the appeal of high-quality music experiences and significantly broadens our audience to millions of Samsung TV Plus users across the U.S."

  • 11/14/2023

    Insticator Launches in Australia, Expands CTV Ad Solutions


    Insticator, a provider of advanced engagement solutions for publishers, has launched its services in Australia following its acquisition of Australian managed-service media solutions provider Balihoo earlier this year.

    Founded in 2009, Balihoo provides multi-location marketing and digital advertising solutions to online publishers and ad buyers.

    The acquisition helped bring Insticator’s expansion in connected TV (CTV, also known as BVOD – broadcaster video on demand – in Australia) and advertiser solutions to fruition by connecting Insticator's publisher clients directly with demand from top franchisors and multi-location clients in the U.S. and North America, according to a media release.

    This combined company, now rebranded as Insticator Australia, partners with the region's independent media agencies to deliver ROAS for end clients. Insticator Australia's CTV Attribution Dashboard addresses challenges facing the CTV industry today by providing clients access to real performance metrics, according to the release.

    The merger also positions Insticator to bridge the gap between supply and demand. Insticator says these demand-side acquisitions empower the company to offer comprehensive solutions across CTV monetization, content engagement, commenting, video on demand, display advertising and website monetization.

    In addition to enhanced digital media solutions, the acquisition also onboarded Balihoo’s team of media experts that help clients navigate the complexities of the rapidly evolving CTV marketplace.

    "The opportunities from bringing together demand-side CTV innovators with our leading CTV publisher capabilities are limitless," Insticator CEO and founder Zack Dugow said in the release.

    CTV/BVOD enables advertisers to place their messaging in premium content through streaming apps. This industry has experienced significant growth in recent years as more consumers "cut the cord" with linear television and consume content exclusively through streaming.

  • 11/13/2023

    Imagine Launches Smart In-Store Marketing Platform


    Visual communications solutions provider Imagine has launched Dotti, an intelligent in-store marketing platform designed to help brands manage their visual merchandising and in-store marketing at scale and eliminate waste and redundancies.

    With Dotti, brands have complete control and visibility, right down to the local level, when customizing and delivering promotional materials at retail, according to a media release. Imagine says the platform simplifies the exchange of data and information through features and functionality that talk to each other.

    Dotti will roll out a series of “tightly integrated” modules built on a single, intelligent platform, per the release. Imagine says the modules will get smarter and more capable over time, and new modules will be “strategically planned” and released to ease “the challenges of managing in-store marketing programs.”

    In the first set of module releases, Dotti Shop capabilities include customizable catalogs, budgets, user roles, easy asset ordering and distribution to individual store locations. Dotti Print allows for the customization and ordering of localized printed assets.

    Both Dotti Shop and Print are available immediately. Some key benefits include:

    • End-to-end management: Dotti helps brands streamline in-store marketing and promotional programs from asset ordering to budgets. It ensures every aspect of a promotion is under complete control.
    • Customizable catalogs and user roles: Manage and shop assets effortlessly with fully customizable catalogs and user roles, simplifying complex brand and store configurations.
    • Asset customization: Dotti brings the convenience of localization and ordering of printed assets to a single smart platform, eliminating disjointed processes.

    “Consumer demands are constantly changing, and brands are challenged to adapt quickly to new requirements,” Don McKenzie, Acting CEO and executive chair of Imagine, said in the release. “The ability to remain flexible and fast has never been more acute. Our clients have been asking for a single, smart platform that can help them successfully manage in-store marketing assets. Dotti addresses this need at scale, providing efficiency and cost effectiveness. [It] allows our clients to work smarter, not harder.”

  • 11/1/2023

    Explore Emerging Web3 Retail Technologies at P2PI LIVE

    p2pi live

    At the Path to Purchase Institute’s P2PI LIVE & Expo on Nov. 7-9 in St. Louis, Mondelez International will dive in to how it leverages Web3 environments to identify opportunities to drive shopper engagement.

    While the long-term vision for the metaverse is a 3D, virtual world distinct from our own, Cristina Marinucci, Mondelez’s global head of shopper excellence, says it's unlikely that we'll see a bright dividing line between the "real" world and the metaverse.

    In this session, Marinucci will explore technologies such as mixed and augmented reality and how they blend digital information and the physical world in exciting new ways.

    Specifically, Marinucci will share how Mondelez is unlocking short-term metaverse/Web3 opportunities while keeping an eye on the longer-term future by following a holistic, future-focused learning journey approach. Attendees will:

    • Get a baseline understanding of emerging Web3 technologies and company adoption.
    • Get an understanding of the current state of Web3 strategies.
    • Learn what Web3 means for Mondelez.

    Don’t miss this session on Thursday, Nov. 9, from 3:10-4 p.m. Explore our agenda and robust speaker lineup, and register for the event here.

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