Field Reports

  • Cub Foods Combines C-store, Co-marketing

    With the word on the economy still mixed halfway through the 1990s, cost-conscious consumers continue to shop discounters for everything from food to electronics to appliances.
  • Standee Promotes ShowBiz Pizza's Family Cruise Contest

    When Irving, Texas-based ShowBiz Pizza Time Inc. approached the J. Walter Thompson advertising agency to create a traffic-generating promotion for Chuck E.
  • Taco Bell Offers "DO Something" Album

    How do you motivate twenty-somethings to "do something?" Irvine, Calif.-based Taco Bell Corp.
  • Supermarkets Challenge Marketers to Produce the Best, Work as a Team

    What do supermarket retailers really want? According to leading consumer product marketers, it's fairly simple: aisles that are clean and displays that produce attributable results.Getting there, however, is trickier than ever.
  • Neon Sheds Light on "Genuine Chevrolet" Campaign

    Chevrolet Motor Division recently dropped its "Heartbeat Of America" advertising campaign in favor of "Genuine Chevrolet." The brand repositioning program includes a retro logo intended to define the General Motors division's new identity.At the dealer level, that logo takes the form of neon signag
  • Harley-Davidson Display Kick Starts Sales of Jeans

    Before bikers "get their motors running and head out on the highway," Harley-Davidson wants to make sure they're dressed for the part. "We've tried jeans before but our dealer network has never had great success selling blue jeans.
  • Chrysler Lines Look to Past for Latest Showroom Signs

    It's deja vu all over again. Chrysler Corp. dealers are capitalizing on the success of their recent Neon campaign by using the same approach to promote a number of new nameplates.
  • Eckerd Drug Designs Photo Island Displays

    In an effort to improve traditional film merchandising, Eckerd Drug Co. has designed a photo island display for its 1,700 drug stores.
  • Finish Line Revamps Store Look

    Finish Line sporting goods stores are sporting a new look. Besides a revamped logo and renovated store interiors, they're showing off eye-catching signage in the shoe section.The Indianapolis-based Finish Line Inc.
  • Blockbuster Exposes Customers to CD-ROM

    No small number of hardware and software marketers have jumped on the CD-ROM bandwagon, developing a flood of products for this latest hybrid of entertainment and education.
  • Can Interactive Units Increase Impact in Home Center Field?

    Home centers and building supply stores offer tremendous potential for interactive displays. Customers are eager for information on products, projects and home remodeling ideas.
  • Waldenbooks Superflex System for Comic Books

    An attractive, organized display, "the Superflex System provides an efficient way to sell comic books, which can be difficult to sell," says Bart Shea, senior manager of construction at Waldenbooks, Stamford, Conn.The display is available in both single-and double-standing versions, each over 6 fee