Field Reports

  • Mass Merchant P-O-P

    Looking for P-O-P ideas that will appeal to mass merchants? Focus on cross promotions, pallet displays and floor graphics. Those are some of the insights revealed by Retailer Viewpoint III, a survey conducted last year by New York-based Yankelovich Partners.
  • Foodservice P-O-P Report

    The marketing staff at Carillon Importers Ltd. has seen its wholesale channel consolidate to fewer and fewer distributors in recent years, forcing sales reps to spend less time promoting each brand to each restaurant they service.
  • Best Buy Introduces Mini-CD Kiosk

    An interactive kiosk that introduces shoppers to an innovative audio format -- recordable mini compact discs (CDs) -- is making company executives sing at
  • C-Store P-O-P

    An exclusive survey of convenience store retailers offers insight into their merchandising needs and policies.
  • How QSRs Cook Up P-O-P

    Quick-Serve Restaurants Sharpen the Focus of In-Store Advertising
  • New P-O-P and Fixtures Reach The Finish Line

    One of the strongest retail performers on Wall Street has revamped its point-of-purchase program right down to the walls.When The Finish Line, a specialty mall-based retailer, created a new store design, it found its P-O-P no longer fit its new image.
  • Baskin-Robbins Updates Ice Cream Cake Displays

    A photoflip merchandising display unit featuring new photography, graphics and new and current cake designs is part of the relaunch and repositioning of Glendale, Calif.-based Baskin-Robbins' Celebration ice cream cake line.According to Barbara Berg, associate manager of creative services for Baski
  • Grocer Scores Sales With Floor Graphics, Kiosks

    When Tom Weisner, director of merchandising for the Milwaukee-based division of Roundy's Inc., didn't even notice the Christmas display materials hanging from the ceiling in his local supermarket, he realized it was time to change the food wholesaler's approach to P-O-P.Weisner revealed what he suc
  • Muze Information Kiosks Take On Books

    When Muze for Books, an interactive catalog reference system, was released recently, bookstores and multi-media stores entered the 21st century.Through a licensing agreement, the source of book information -- Bowker's Books in Print -- can now be easily and readily accessed by consumers, not just l
  • Vendor Shops at Sears Boost Sales, Cut Clutter

    Until a few years ago, walking into a Sears store was like walking into a showroom for P-O-P, with almost every imaginable type of sign and display on view.
  • Answering One Simple Question Helps Home Depot

    "Why buy me?"That's the question Ron Scheiblauer, director of visual merchandising for The Home Depot, thinks the P-O-P for every product he sells should ask -- and answer.