Field Reports

  • Drugstore P-O-P: A Dose of Convenience

    To get more customers into stores, drugstores are supplementing their pharmacy and OTC offerings with a product mix and marketing programs that rival c-stores and larger retailers alike.
  • A New Approach to Merchandising Planning

    Marks & Spencer, the U.K.-based chain, has found a way to manage the planning and implementation of 6,500 merchandising set changes every week, while still keeping logistics costs down.
  • The C-store Perspective on Beverages

    Convenience stores are a major channel for beverage sales because they generate high volume and present a unique opportunity to launch new products. Todd McFarland, category manager for beverages at Exxon Mobil Corp, Fairfax, Va., spoke to
  • Home Depot Hones Methods for Building Customer Knowledge

    Chicago -- Providing customers with clear, concise and compelling P-O-P materials is especially challenging in home centers, where the sheer number of products and their complexity can overwhelm even the most patient shoppers.
  • Willis Offers Criteria For Evaluating P-O-P

    In-store merchandising systems are becoming more quantified and sophisticated as stores try to differentiate themselves while selling many of the same products as their competitors.
  • Cashing in on Convenience

    Competition, floor space and time are tight in the complicated but lucrative c-store arena.
  • Best Buy's 'Concept Five' Stores Discussed

    P-O-P will especially help shoppers navigate the pathways, create overhead identities and help organize products within categories, he explained. Integrated fixture designs will simplify complicated categories and organize products more clearly.
  • Kornblum to Discuss Toys "R" Us Overhaul

    Toy retailing is a serious business. Just ask Warren Kornblum, executive vice president of worldwide marketing and brand management for Toys "R" Us.
  • Best Buy's Damian Simplifies the Complex

    James Damian is a self-described retail history buff. As vice president of visual merchandising and store design for Best Buy Co., he now finds himself making retail history.
  • P-O-P is Served

    Consumers are spending more time and money in foodservice establishments than ever before, a trend that has created new opportunities to reach them with targeted P-O-P programs.
  • Car-Talkers Help Ford Dealer Move Cars Off the Lot

    Many car buyers either don't have time to shop for a new car during regular work hours or they're uncomfortable dealing with car salespeople.