• The Shecession, and Where We Must Go

    It’s officially been christened – 2020 is the year of the “Shecession.” 
  • Column: Empowered Women Empower Women

    The gathering of women, and certainly business leaders such as those we honored during the Women of Excellence Awards ceremony, is how we’re going to make a difference and change the paradigm – by showing up, sharing our stories and putting our heads and hearts together to work toward true equality
  • Female CEOs: More Is Not Enough

    When I heard the news that Citigroup had become the first major financial institution in the U.S. to name a woman, Jane Fraser, as its CEO, I was thrilled. These “firsts” – the women who are first through the door of the top office in their industry – are always a cause for celebration. 
  • Column: Flattening the Funnel

    I am writing this Editor’s Note just after concluding the all-new, all-virtual Path to Purchase Digital Expo.
  • Column: Keeping Up With the Times

    If there is a single image that, for me, aptly illustrates the seismic changes currently taking place in our industry, it’s a shelf talker I noticed at Stop & Shop in early September.
  • Supporting Women of Color

    NEW offers various resources in this unprecedented time
  • Column: An Update on 'SM2'

    I wanted to use this month’s Editor’s Note to provide an update on a special industry initiative first mentioned here in August.
  • Column: Something to Shake a Stick At

    No one has ever accused me of having sophisticated tastes. Neither has anyone ever mistaken me for an intellectual.
  • Elevating the Latina Experience

    Though the Latina community spans many cultures and languages, we found common ground in how it is perceived by non-Latinx co-workers, as well as how they want to shape their experience going forward.
  • Column: Silver Linings & Gold Standards

    It’s more than a little ironic that the importance of shopper marketing has been elevated during a national pandemic that severely limited the ability for brands to execute in brick-and-mortar stores.
  • Column: Innovation, By Chance

    Anyone looking for a silver lining in the unprecedented upheaval the retail industry has undergone in the last few months need look no further than our report titled "The Future Unfolding."
  • Equal Pay for Equal Work

    “Equal pay for equal work” – the constant refrain of working women from the early 19th century. This powerful motto speaks to the simple fact that no one should be paid less for their work on the basis of gender.