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Ride the QR Code Trend for Customer Engagement and Insights

Once slow to take off, QR codes have gone mainstream. A recent study shows that nearly half the respondents have interacted with a QR code in the past three months, equating to many millions of scans.

So, what changed? First, the technology is more accessible now that people can scan QR codes directly from their phone cameras rather than relying on dedicated scanning apps. A second factor is familiarity. Many restaurant menus were only available online during the pandemic, giving people little choice but to engage with QR codes – and realize their simplicity and convenience for accessing digital information and completing transactions.

But slapping a simple QR code on a package is insufficient. Many brands have tried and failed to leverage QR codes in the past and now seek to avoid past mistakes.

In this free webinar, experts will highlight specific examples of how brands have used QR codes successfully and uncover the keys to a successful mobile customer engagement program, including:

  • Developing and maintaining a mobile content strategy that motivates customers to interact.

  • Leveraging tools to create dynamic, context-aware experiences that help your brand stand out.

  • Using engagement data to glean customer insights and intelligence that fuels brand strategy.

  • How QR codes can also be used for multifactor authentication to ensure product authenticity.


Asha Tantuwaya, Director of Marketing Sciences, VMLY&R Commerce
Peter James, Vice President of Product Strategy, Digimarc
Tim Binder, Executive Editor, Path to Purchase Institute